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Nature Sounds (Record label)
Nature Sounds is a record label from New York City, specialized in hip hop and founded by Devin Horwitz in 2003. Originally, Nature Sounds was conceived as a stage for music by Devin Horwitz himself. Horwitz worked as music journalist und additionally on his own beats under the names Dev 1 and The Prof. The first full length release has been the compilation »Convexed«, where renowned MCs could by heard to the productions of Dev 1. The guest list ranged from MF Doom, Sean Price, Zion I and The Pharcyde to Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock and Cage. This made Nature Sounds at one fell swoop well positioned und they could bridge the gap in the Independent hip hop area, that has been caused by the end of labels like Loud and Rawkus. Thus began one purposefully to advance artist, to give them organizational encouragement and artistically the freedom they need. So, in the past ten years musicians like Masta Killa, Havoc, Timbo King, MF Doom. Pete Rock and Blu released their records on Nature Sounds.
Nature Sounds in Reviews
Music Review | posted 27.08.2012
Casual & J. Rawls
Respect Game Or Expect Flames
Casual and J. Rawls have teamed up for »Respect Game Or Expect Flames« and harmonize surprisingly well together – that’s also thanks to their guest singers.
Music Review | posted 22.09.2011
The flood of releases doesn’t dry out: Open is another in-between-production on the way to album NoYork!, which everyone is waiting for. It shows Blu in his debut as a producer.
Music Review | posted 26.08.2011
You get the impression you are not listening to an album but to some relaxed recording session. That’s still a blessing.
Music Review | posted 19.06.2011
Her Favourite Colo(u)r
Her Favourite Colo(u)r, together with its videos, is a stroll through an antique shop full of films like Buffalo ’66 and old, well-known, Jazz-records.
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New Record Labels
Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at hhv.de webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes.
Music Review | posted 15.03.2018
Various Artists
Musique Experimentale
Finders Keepers releases the compilation »Musique Experimentale« from 1962 via their sublabel Cacophonic for the first time in a long time.
Music Column | posted 22.08.2018
Records Revisited
J Dilla – The Shining (2006)
»The Shining« was J Dilla’s first posthumous album. You get soul, you get funk, you get the tricky stuff, and you can also get this raw rap shit. You get the infinite forms of expression that J Dilla mastered. It’s a true classic.
Music Portrait | posted 07.03.2017
New Record Labels #26
Parallel Berlin, Power Vacuum, Superfly und Super Rhythm Trax
Every month we introduce you to labels, which we recently included in our Shop and/ or the discovery of which is worth it! The chosen ones this time around: Parallel Berlin, Power Vacuum, Superfly and Super Rhythm Trax.
Music Review | posted 05.04.2018
Oren Ambarchi
Grapes From The Estate
“Grapes From The Estate” by Oren Ambarchi is a masterpiece of gentle reduction. It will now be reissued with a new mastering.