Shall Not Fade (Record label)
Shall Not Fade is a British label from Bristol, founded in 2015 by Kieran Williams (aka KGW). When it started its start-up in September 2015 with an 8 track compilation, the mysterious label described itself as a »vinyl imprint from the Eastern hemisphere«. Why so vague? »I wanted Shall Not Fade to be global, for it to speak to people everywhere« explains Williams, who earned his stripes on a local level; he organised parties for five years in his home town Bristol under the name 4 Seasons. The label structure of Shall Not Fade, which borrows its name from a Shakespeare sonnet, also mirrors Williams’ international approach. »From the outset, I wanted to establish a family and give my artists the feeling, that Shall Not Fade is our family and not just my thing. For example, I also send demos to Mall Grab or discuss ideas with my artists.« The Australian Mall Grab also gave Shall Not Fade the first vinyl release, shortly after the release of the digital kick-off compilation – which is why a few thought it was Mall Grab’s imprint. »Well, in one way it is true – like I said, I consider everyone who works on the label as a partner. Mall Grab, LK and Stephane 1993 run it along with me, without them Shall Not Fade would be nothing.« In fact, the gritty House sounds of the Australian Mall Grab defines quite well, what Williams had musically at the back of the mind at the label’s founding. »For me, Shall Not Fade sounds like dreamier, synth-dominant music, which is not necessarily geared towards the club and isn’t in good hands there«, he explains. »I like music, which functions for every time of day, for example in a club when everybody is on the come down or when the DJ would like to change the tempo.« The constantly changing sounds of his label might seem fuzzy, but Williams’ vision of it is clearly defined. The fact that he doesn’t make decisions alone, belongs by all means to it.
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