Folktonica (Music subgenre)
Folktonica is a genre of popular music that mixes elements of folk and electronic music. It was very popular in the Nougthies.
Folktonica in Features
Music Interview | posted 02.07.2011
Gold Panda
Just to make it better
Last year’s Lucky Shiner was one of the records, where the Beat-enthusiasts, the Caribou-listener and the electronic nerd come together sharing the headphones. Since then Gold Panda is on the move, releasing an EP here and there, collecting old material for the fans and working on new stuff, and moving to Hamburg. Valentin Menedetter met him for an interview and explains the basics.
Music Interview | posted 04.04.2011
Abstracted Reality
Those who claimed electronic music to be heart- and soulless nearly felt silent. Still Stephen Wilkinson’s approach to electronic music remains inimitably deep. On Mind Bokeh the bright and warm vibe of Ambivalence Avenue was replaced by a nightly, shimmery mood. Philipp Kunze met the introverted English to talk about his music and its backgrounds.
Folktonica in Reviews
Music Review | posted 06.05.2013
Silver Wilkinson
After having captured urban impressions with his last record, he is now wandering back to mother nature. What comes out is a naive picture of an idyllic flower-world.
Music Review | posted 11.11.2011
This Silence Kills
It’s the most surprising BPitch Control release of the year. Instead of electronica, Dillon is presenting best pop-music á la Feist on a very convincing debut.
Music Review | posted 22.04.2011
Mind Bokeh
Slowly but surely, Bibio is saying good bye to his existence as an author of coy folk-songs. Mind Bokeh is giving proof of how the memories of these days are slowly fading away.
Recent Articles
Music News | posted 19.03.2018
Wooden Shijps
New album: »V«
Wooden Shijps have announced a new album for the 25.5.2018. It’s her first album in five years, her fifth, and it’s called »V«. It promises a promising summer.
Music List | posted 03.07.2019
Polish Jazz
An introduction in 10 vinyl records
The Polish jazz scene is considered one of the most important and creative in Europe. Today it oscillates between superficial conventions and hidden ruptures. A little search for clues.
Music Review | posted 15.01.2020
Dark Arts
Reflections In A Rear View Mirror
With »Reflections In A Rear View Mirror« the label Stroom introduces us to the band Dark Arts from Columbus, Ohio, which was founded in the early 1980s.
Music News | posted 16.02.2018
Respuesta Alternativa
Rediscovered: »Grata Compañia«
The Australian based reissue label Left Ear Records, which specializes in rediscoveries, will continue to pursue its business idea in 2018. For »Grata Compañia« they selected five pieces of the Spanish project Respuesta Alternativa.
Music News | posted 30.08.2018
Neneh Cherry
New Album: »Broken Politics«
»Broken Politics« is the new work by Neneh Cherry. The album of the Swede, completely produced by Four Tet this time, will be released on October 19th on Smalltown Supersound.