Latency Recordings (Record label)
Latency Recordings is a Parisian record label founded by Sidney Gerard and Souleymane Said in 2012. The two Latency-operators got to know each other at university a year before the founding of their joint label, where they studied art and design. »We in general developed and shared a passion for music«, explained Said. »To establish a label, was the next logical step. It allowed us to bring together music, which we love, with our interest in art.« They have lost track of their individual DJ careers, although this label could be understood as a good testing ground for the eclectic coexistence. There you will clearly find anchored House by Joey Anderson, the Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife, including the percussion experiments of Andrea Belfi or deeper Techno by Donato Dozzy’s buddy Nuel, as well as placeless rhythms by Burnt Friedman, all in the context of club music. »It’s pretty difficult to find a common denominator, because to us they are all apart of a bigger picture.«, admits Said. In fact, this is firmly anchored in the duo’s self-conception; they describe somewhat exaggeratedly their label as an »immaterial entity«. The motto: »Everything is transient.« Some of the impressive black and white artworks revolve around the theme of still-life; this gives the Latency releases a coherent as well as diverse visual appearance. »We have met so many talented photographers, graphic designers and video artists at our university«, explains Said. »And they have been apart of our label since the beginning.« But this is in constant motion. Not only are aesthetic changes necessary to stay on the right track, Said has even in the meanwhile exchanged the label’s founding city with Copenhagen. In the Parisian scene, they were never in the limelight anyway, he recalls. »First of all because we don’t play many gigs and secondly due to our in-between identity«, is Said’s brief explanation of the stylistic as well as the personal atmosphere on the label. Only the duo Mura Oka, who Gerard is apart of, comes from Paris. The rest are scattered over Chicago, Berlin and Italy. In Paris, the two have at least a favourite club, the legendary Concrete, where they hold a Latency-showcase twice a year. On those showcases, you will occasionally find an unusual line-up, which is exactly what Latency was made for: they can’t be narrowed down to one common denominator.
Latency Recordings in Reviews
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Yves de Mey
Bleak Comfort
»Bleak Comfort«, the third album by the Belgian musician Yves de Mey, has to be thought from the motion, maybe even from performance dance.
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Respuesta Alternativa
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Flying Lotus
New album: »Flamagra«
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