Friends Of Friends Records (Record label)
Friends Of Friends Records is an American record label.
Friends Of Friends Records in Reviews
Music Review | posted 18.09.2014
Frozen Throne
Emo-trance-pop meets storytelling: On »Frozen Throne«, a nerd is looking for love. It’s a cheesy trip through a glimmering world of plastic.
Music Review | posted 01.11.2013
Perera Elsewhere
This is handwoven pop with a dusty sprinkle of jazz and a wagon load of groove. However, its magic comes from… elsewhere.
Music Review | posted 07.10.2013
The Water's Way
First and foremost, Kyson’s record is beat-making. However, there’s music all around, including flying drumsticks, smashed keys and melodious vocals.
Music Review | posted 03.04.2013
Laid Out EP
The party is over on Shlohmo’s new EP. Vocal- and synth-lines are distorted beyond recognition on top of dark bass-lines – like spun thoughts at 7 a.m.
Music Review | posted 15.10.2012
Feel Me
Many influences, huge potential: Groundislava shows wha het is, or rather what he could be, capable of, but gets lost in the shallow waters between the different influences.
Music Review | posted 28.03.2012
Vacation EP
Shlohmo is at his best when he’s got the blues. His debut was full of it, and the best track on this EP harks back to that bluesfulness.
Recent Articles
Music List | posted 31.03.2020
Jeff Parker
10 All Time Favs
The guitarist Jeff Parker is no newcomer to the music scene. And yet you get the feeling he’s just starting out. But he already wrote music history as part of Tortoise. Now his new album »Suite for Max Brown« has been released on International Anthem. For this occasion we have asked Jeff Parker to choose 10 records that have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music List | posted 25.02.2020
Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics
10 All Time Favs
The Heliocentrics have just released »Infinity Of Now«. The album has the potential to inspire future musicians. Malcolm Catto, however, has first revealed to us the records that have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music News | posted 02.03.2020
Clear Path Ensemble
Debut on Cosmic Compostions
Cory Champion from New Zealand has released a self-titled album under the name Clear Path Ensemble on Cosmic Compositions. The vinyl edition is available exclusively from us.
Music Portrait | posted 03.03.2020
Kalahari Oyster Cult
The best of all possible worlds
Diving for pearls in the mud, tracking down rave classics from the nineties and working with producers for whom it doesn’t matter if the record ends up in the Beatport charts: Colin Volvert’s label Kalahari Oyster Cult mixes up the underground with its DIY ethos.
Music Portrait | posted 02.04.2020
Patricia Kokett
Part of his own Movement
Patricia Kokett blends rave with mysticism, futuristic industrial with shamanistic noise, the spirit of Coil with imaginary records from Kompakt Records. The music of the Lithuanian producer Gediminas Jakubka, who turns into Patricia on stage, balances between borders. An attempt at orientation.