Music List | posted 27.05.2021
Record Store Day 2021 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On June 12, 2021, the first of two Record Store Days will take place this year. For this alone, several dozen exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Text Andreas Brüning, Lars Fleischmann, Christoph Benkeser, Louisa Neitz, Harry Schmidt, Maximilian Fritz, Nils Schlechtriemen, Tim Tschentscher , Translation Sebastian Hinz

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Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer EPVinyl LP Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan – Prospect Hummer EP (Domino)
“What’s going on?” ask Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear and vocalist Vashti Bunyan – the latter clearly setting the tone – on the opener of “Prospect Hummer” over delicate guitar chords in a harmonious unison. Listeners who have stored Animal Collective as canonical mainly because of their monolith »Merriweather Post Pavilion« might think the same. The peculiar mixture of electronica, indie and psychedelic already worked excellently on the time document from 2005, the necessary portion of joke, which is paired with completely unironic beauty, explicitly included. Maximilian Fritz

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - At Last!Vinyl LP Beverly Glenn-Copeland – At Last! (Transgressive)
Beverly Glenn-Copeland has rarely sounded more furious than on 1980’s »At Last,« which the genre juggler recorded with his go-to pianist Doug Riley. Even the thoughtful and mantra-like “Onward and Upward” is filled with an unbridled intensity that nevertheless manages to reconcile blues rock, rock’n’roll and Copeland’s unique voice. Each of the four songs proves that intense does not exclude delicate. Even apart from the vocals there is enough going on, every lovingly recorded sound track is worth to be followed attentively. Maximilian Fritz

 Dashiell Hedayat - Obsolete Vinyl LP Dashiell Hedayat – Obsolete (Diggers Factory)
Hair up to the butt, dirt under the fingernails. But hey, have you tried any of this stuff? Really bad! Better take only half of it, after three minutes this brother from a different mother will shoot you to the moon anyway. Dashiell Hedayat got lost in the French Gong commune with »Obsolete«, his first and only album – early seventies, the world as colorful as a bubble gum machine, the record cover said: »This record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody!« Well well, have a good trip! Christoph Benkeser

Half Japanese - I Guess I'm Living: The Charmed Life TapesVinyl LP Half Japanese – I Guess I’m Living: The Charmed Life Tapes (Fire Records)
As Half Japanese, brothers Jad Fair and David Fair were already active as a bedroom duo in the mid-1970s. With Jad Fair’s likeable vocals that take some time to get used to and equipped with an always out-of-tune guitar and rumbling minimal drums, the band has been releasing their very special art-punk in changing lineups and at regular intervals ever since. »I Guess I’m Living: The Charmed Life Tapes« now adds unreleased songs and versions to their 1988 album »Charmed Life«. For the first time on vinyl. Andreas Brüning

Howard Roberts - OST Lord ShangoVinyl LP Howard Roberts – OST Lord Shango (Tidal Waves)
A gem in the sea of blaxploitation films is the 1975 theatrical release of »Lord Shango«. Directed by Ray Marsh from a screenplay by Paul Carter Harrison, »Lord Shango« was marketed at the time by Bryanston Pictures (»Deep Throat«, »Texas Chain Saw Massacre«, »Dark Star«) as horror, but rather deals with the relationship between voodoo cult and Christianity in the black community. Accordingly, Howard Roberts’ soundtrack is a rather unique blend of gospel, doo-wop, Yoruba drumming, funk, jazz, and Latin, featuring, in addition to the Howard Roberts Chorale, Ella Mitchell (Sylvester, Peter Tosh), Chief Bey (Art Blakey, Pharoah Sanders), free-jazz percussionist Milford Graves, and the Aaron Staples Community Choir. Tidal Waves are providing the first re-release of this sought-after collector’s item for RSD2021. Limited to 500 copies. Harry Schmidt

You can find an overview of all exclusive Record Store releases in our webshop.

Joni Mitchell - Joni Mitchell Archives Vol.1● ###HHV:829767 :Vinyl LP### Joni Mitchell – Joni Mitchell Archives Vol.1 (Rhino)
From early recordings at a radio station in her hometown of Saskatoon and tapes for her mother’s birthday to performances in Philadelphia as well as Toronto and demo versions from New York, where she lived in the 1960s. »Joni Mitchell Archives Vol.1« is a smorgasbord of diverse snapshots in the folk icon’s musical career. From cover versions of traditional folk songs dating back to 1963, the box set biographically follows the Canadian’s first steps to her debut album in 1968. **Joni Mitchell’s** sole companion through six hours of selected stages is the acoustic guitar that embraces her increasingly sophisticated lyrics. Louisa Neitz 

Michel Legrand - OST La Piscine● ###HHV:829706 :Vinyl LP### Michel Legrand – OST La Piscine (WeWantSound)
The soundtrack for »La Piscine« by the great maestro (and multiple Oscar winner) of film music, Michel Legrande, is style-defining and legendary – and saved the somewhat flat plot of this film. His jazz interludes live in a cloud of »joie de vivre,« sophisticated charm and sexiness. The string interludes add decent tension and yes, it’s okay to go out on a limb: Legrande made Romy Schneider a world star with his soundtrack. The RSD edition comes with an additional vinyl 7inch with film music for Jacques Deray’s »Un Homme Est Mor«. Lars Fleischmann

Pat Thomas - Stage TwoVinyl LP Pat Thomas – Stage Two (Tidal Waves)
The Ghanaian singer, songwriter and producer Pat Thomas worked together with Ebo Taylor and formations such as the Blue Monks, the Satellites and the Sweet Beans. »Mr. Golden Voice of Africa« thus released more than twenty albums between highlife, funk, reggae, soul, Afrobeat and Afropop between 1974 and 2019. One of his most famous is »Stage Two« from 1976, recorded with his band Marijata, which will be released on vinyl for the first time outside the African continent for Record Store Day 2021. Andreas Brüning

Renaldo & The Loaf - Long Time Coming: Live In ViennaVinyl LP Renaldo & The Loaf – Long Time Coming: Live In Vienna (Blocglobal)
Put the Melvins in a pint with Steve Stapleton, two Indian snake charmers on acid and the thrashing atmosphere of a southern English pub after two in the morning, pour it in your face – and you’re still nowhere near what Renaldo & The Loaf pulled off on a Vienna stage in 2018. That was when the British underground grandpas played their first concert in 38 years. Totally whacky, but true: «Long Time Coming: Live In Vienna« shreds so hard into the so-called present that you have to ask yourself if old white men aren’t the better people after all. (Daring thesis, old white editor’s note) Christoph Benkeser

Roisin Murphy - Crooked MachineVinyl LP Roisin Murphy – Crooked Machine (Skint)
Is it disco? Is it indie? Is it indie disco? With the last predicate it behaves like tech-house: Hardly anyone puts on this shoe wantonly – at least after 2012. Róisín Murphy, however, has been so much above things for years that she should be heartily indifferent. *»Crooked Machine,« on which then-producer Parrot aka Crooked Man rethinks Róisín Machine from last year, strikes out even more violently in the direction of the club than the original, dictating the pace to the Irishwoman’s loyal following with mechanical four-to-the-floor salvos. Maximilian Fritz

Salah Ragab & Cairo Jazz Band - Egypt StrutVinyl LP Salah Ragab & Cairo Jazz Band – Egypt Strut (Strut)
It is not without reason that Salah Ragab is considered a pioneer of Egyptian jazz. The multi-instrumentalist and drummer was one of the first to combine American jazz improvisations with North African folklore. In 1968, as head of the Department of Military Music, he founded the Cairo Jazz Band, an ensemble of Egypt’s finest instrumentalists. »Egypt Strut« now brings together the early work from 1974 in a comprehensive special edition: Lively big band arrangements between free jazz and hard bop, rhythmic, raw and complex. Tim Tschentscher

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Record Store Day 2020 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
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Music Column
Records Revisited
The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (1986)
Released in 1986, »The Queen Is Dead« is the culmination of the British band The Smiths’ career, which lasted only five years and four studio albums. It still sounds refreshingly idiosyncratic even after so long.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Porter Ricks – Biokinetics (1996)
When Porter Ricks released the album »Biokinetics« in 1996, it was more than just a collection of their first 12inches flanked by two bonus tracks. It was a utopian attempt to expand upon the dub techno formulas.
Music Portrait
BBE Records
The influencer's influencer
Peter Adarkwah is the reason why some lives have been changed by J Dilla, why Roy Ayers experienced a second spring and why Japanese jazz albums are reviewed by Pitchfork. In other words: BBE Music turns 25 years this year.
Music List
Record Store Day 2021 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On June 12, 2021, the first of two Record Store Days will take place this year. For this alone, several dozen exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Portrait
Portico Quartet
Guest Mix
»Terrain« is the name of the new album of the British band Portico Quartet, which was released these days on Gondwana Records. For us, Portico Quartet’s Jack Wyllie has put together 60 minutes of music in an exclusive DJ mix.
Music Portrait
Looking for the Infinite Loop
Densely packed with details, the sound of SSIEGE strolls along the transitions of the seasons and during the process blurs ultra-saturated pictures with cravings yet unfulfilled. With them, the Italian producer manages to tell dream tales that recur endlessly.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Marvin Gaye – What's Going On (1971)
Is it even necessary to reminisce about this album? Not really. But you can listen to it again and again. And it has remained relevant to this day, for better or worse. Marvin Gaye’s »What’s Going On« is 50 years old.
Music Portrait
Music in vacuum
Seefeel are a convergence of improbabilities. For almost 30 years they have been playing between styles, unfettered by contemporary references. Their sound remains a singularity.
Music Portrait
The Past, Re-presented
Volga Çoban’s Arsivplak label and Arşivplak edit project are two sides of the same coin: his approach to Turkish funk, disco, pop, rock and jazz is archival on the one hand and strives to shed a new light on old sounds on the other.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Grace Jones – Nightclubbing, 1981
Nightlife for androids: On »Nightclubbing«, along with one of the world’s leading rhythm sections, Grace Jones made sure that reggae and new wave would develop a new life of its own in 80’s pop.
Music List
10 All Time Favs
Since their debut »Jinx« in 2019, Crumb have been considered the next big thing in music . Now their new album »Ice Melt« is out. The perfect opportunity to ask them about 10 records that have shaped, improved and educated them.
Music Interview
Adrian Younge
Sonic history lesson
»The American Negro« marks the beginning of a new chapter in Adrian Younge’s work. It is more frontal, more politically charged, and more self-assured. He wants to teach. We had the opportunity for an in-depth interview.
Music List
Leon Vynehall
10 All Time Favs
With his new album »Rare, Forever«, British producer Leon Vynehall continues the path he started with »Nothing Is Still« 3 years ago. Today he tells us 10 vinyl records that have shaped, improved and educated him.
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Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces Of A Man (1971)
He was called the “Godfather of Hip Hop” because he wrote about drugs, racism and the Divided States of America. Gil Scott-Heron’s most successful album is now 50 years old – and more timely than ever.
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Jenn Wasner (Flock Of Dimes)
10 All Time Favs
With her solo project Flock of Dimes, Jenn Wasner has just released her most personal and at the same time most substantially far-reaching album. We asked the musician to name 10 Vinyl records that have shaped, improved, and educated her.
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Gondwana Records
Soul And Character
As a DJ and musician, Matthew Halsall became a label operator. Starting with a local focus on Manchester’s contemporary jazz scene, the trumpeter, composer and bandleader has since given his imprint Gondwana Records a fairly international focus.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Yellow Magic Orchestra – BGM (1981)
Cues for the future: on their fourth album, »BGM«, the synth wizards of Yellow Magic Orchestra drafted background music for generations to come.
Music Portrait
Important Records
Deep Listening Forever!
Whehter it’s Pauline Oliveros, Éliane Radigue, Alina Kalancea or Caterina Barbieri: For 20 years now, Important Records has been like a well-stocked record shop for exciting sounds and music that needs to be heard intensely.
Art Portrait
Vincent de Boer
Like Jazz With Brushes
Dutch artist Vincent de Boer has become a regular band member of the British jazz band Ill Considered. He draws record covers based on the grooves he hears. For »The Stroke«, the process has now been reversed.
Music Portrait
Far Out Recordings
At the epicenter of the Brazil craze
Joe Davis is the train driver whose bandwagon a whole generation of Brazil-affine producers jumped on in the mid-nineties. With his Far Out Recordings label, he became the worldwide representative of Brazilian music culture.
Music List
Aaron Frazer
10 All Time Favs
»Introducing« is the name of Aaron Frazer’s first solo album. As the drummer of Durand Jones & The Indications, however, he is by no means an unknown name. So musically it’s off to the sixties. He tells us what actually influenced him musically.
Music Portrait
On The Corner
Bangers for the backroom
With his label On the Corner Records, Pete Buckenham serves a heady stew of afro-futuristic jazz concepts and contemporary street grooves beyond the genre ascriptions, and is opening the gates to the sound universe of tomorrow.
Music Portrait
Tidal Waves
Riding the Wave
A powerful wave has already washed many treasures ashore. Seen in this way, the name fits, because the Belgian reissue label Tidal Waves searches for, discovers and publishes pearls of music history believed to be lost.
Music Portrait
Mort Garson
Music for plants and people
He was involved in over 900 songs and reached number 1 on the Billboard charts, but Mort Garson’s current fame is based on an encounter with Bob Moog, whom he persuaded to give him one of his synthesizers. A rediscovery.
Music Portrait
Dark Entries
Between Disco, Goth and Porno Soundtracks
Since 2009, Josh Cheon has been running his label for underground music from the 1980s and those who want to be the next big underground hit. Next year he will have released over 300 records. We introduce you to the label from San Francisco.
Music Interview
Makaya McCraven
»I'm excavating sounds«
Makaya McCraven is one of the most leading jazz musicians of these days. Not only his hometown Chicago, but the whole world seems to be inspired by the free approach to the jazz heritage in his music. We had the chance for an interview.
Music List
Record Store Day 2020 – 3rd Drop
12 releases you should look out for
On October 24, 2020 the third of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 120 exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Essay
A Journey Into Turkish Music
Gastarbeiter*innen Musik
Simultaneously with the genesis of Anadolu Pop, a viral infrastructure is developing in West Germany. This »guest worker music« has always only touched the public consciousness. The economic exchange could have also been a cultural one.
Music Essay
A Journey Into Turkish Music
Anadolu Pop
Altın Gün, Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek or Gaye Su Akyol: more and more bands are again referring to the sound of Anadolu Pop, which was formed in Turkey in the 1960s. But is it a revival? We clarify.
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Record Store Day 2020 – 2nd Drop
Another 12 releases you should look out for
On September 26, 2020 the second of three Record Store Days this year will take place. More than 150 exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve vinyl records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Portrait
Melody As Truth
On the threshold of sound and silence
With his label Melody As Truth, Jonny Nash moves between balearic and ambient. The journey leads from new age to a new art of world chamber music.
Music Interview
Kelly Lee Owens
»We store emotions in our body«
The Welsh musician released her second album »Inner Song« which wipes tears from cried-out eyes with one hand after the closing set while opening the window into everyday life with the other. A conversation with Owens about rave memories, trauma sessions and her challenge with Four Tet.
Music List
Harmonious Thelonious
10 All Time Favs
With »Plong« Stefan Schwander shakes the foundations of club music. His new solo album as Harmonious Thelonious lets everyday noises develop an eerie life of their own. He told us which 10 records have have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music List
Record Store Day 2020 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On August 29, 2020 the first of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 350 exclusive releases have been announced for this event alone. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music List
Jonathan Bree
10 All Time Favs
Jonathan Bree hides his face behind a latex mask. Well, right. But that’s not the most remarkable thing about the new zealander. Because he is first and foremost a first-rate songwriter. He told us which 10 records have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music Portrait
Light In The Attic
Everything Is Illuminated
For almost 20 years, the Seattle-based record label Light In The Attic has been shedding light on those releases that have been in the dark. The fact that they focused on vinyl right from the start, today the label is considered a pioneer.
Music List
Jay Glass Dubs
10 All Time Favs
»Soma« means »body« in Greek and that’s who the music of Jay Glass Dubs is aimed at. »Soma« is also the name of his new album. This was the chance to ask the Greek musician for 10 Vinyl records that formed him. He answers in, well, Greek.
Music Portrait
Contagious passion
WeWantSounds has been publishing music from the 1970s and 1980s since 2015. The name of the label is a catchphrase. When the Parisian two-man company selects the reissues, genre and country borders don‘t matter.
Music Essay
Baltic & Finnish Jazz
Removing Boundaries
While jazz from London to L.A. is evolving a fresh pop sensibility or even tries to update the fusion heritage, cool flavors between new blood and nostalgia are cultivated on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Here the genre is cosmopolitan as well and yet totally distinct.
Music Portrait
International Anthem
In search of the truth
For six years the label International Anthem from Chicago has been reliably delivering jazz with their own attitude and idea. Although the founders refuse to be ascribed almost any kind of attribution to a genre. For them, the most beautiful sound is just always: the truth.
Music Portrait
We Jazz
With emphasis on We
We Jazz, that stands for edgy, surprising jazz from the north. And also not. Since 2013 the festival has been held in Helsinki, since 2016 the label was founded. Matti Nives mainly publishes Finnish bands there. And acts as one of the most important networkers of the local scene.