AlunaGeorge (Musicians)
AlunaGeorge are singer Aluna Francis and musician George Reid from London.
Alva Noto (Musicians)
Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai, b. 1965) is a German producer of electronic music from Chemnitz. Together with Olaf Bender (Byetone) he forms the duo Diamond Version, together with Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider he forms the trio Signal and together with Ryoji Ikeda he forms the duo Cyclo.
Amapiano (Music subgenre)
Amapiano is a genre originated in South Africa with elements of house and kwaito.
Amaro Freitas (Musicians)
Amaro Freitas ( b. 1991) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter from Recife.
Amber London (Musicians)
Amber London is a female American rapper from Houston, Texas.
Ambient (Music subgenre)
Ambient is a subgenre of electronic music that became popular in the 1970s. Ambient music often contains soft and sustained sounds, while rhythm and percussion is neglected.
Âme (Musicians)
Âme is a German duo from Berlin that produces electronic music, consisting of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann.
American Football (Musicians)
American Football (1997-2000) was an American rock band from Urbana, Illinois, consisting of Mike Kinsella, Steve Lamos and Steve Holmes.
Americana (Music subgenre)
Americana is a music genre that refers to an American music tradition that mixes folk, rhythm’n’blues, country and rock music.
Amewu (Musicians)
Amewu (b. 1983) is a German rapper from Berlin.
Amiina (Musicians)
Amiina is a in 1998 founded Icelandic string quartet from Reykjavik, consisting of María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, Hildur Ársælsdóttir, Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir and Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir.
Amon Düül II (Musicians)
Amon Düül II is an experimental rock band from Munich. It was formed in 1968 and consists of Chris Karrer, Peter Leopold, Falk Rogner, John Weinzierl and Renate Knaup.
Amon Tobin (Musicians)
Amon Tobin (Amon Adonai Santos de Araujo Tobin, b. 1972), is a Brazilian musician who produces electro and noise music.
Amos Lee (Musicians)
Amos Lee (b. 1978) is an American singer and songwriter from Phildelphia.
Amplive (Musicians)
Amplive is an American hip hop producer and DJ. He forms the group Zion I with MC Zumbi.
Amy Winehouse (Musicians)
Amy Winehouse (1983-2011) was an English singer and songwriter from London. She has been signed to Island Records where she released two albums, Frank (2003) and Back To Black (2006). She died in July 2011.
Analog Africa (Record label)
Analog Africa is a Frankfurt-based record label, founded in 2004 by Samy Ben Redjeb and specialized in rarities and reissues. Samy Ben Redjeb (b. 1961), of Tunisian origin, focuses especially on African music of the 1960s and 1970s. It is the fusion of Western instruments and ancient African music genres he is interested in. He collected more than 30.000 records before he turned this hobby into a business. Speaking six languages (German, Arabian, French, Italian, English and Spanish) which are the languages of the former colonialists alleviates the access to the people and their cultures. He started his label in 2004 with the release of songs of the Zimbabwean band The Green Arrows. The band fronted by singer Zexie Manatsa has been one of the most famous bands of the country in the 1970s. Analog Africa does not only aim to rediscover musical treasures, but also wants to impart knowledge about music history. All releases of Analog Africa are accompanied with a detailed booklet.
Anarchist Academy (Musicians)
Anarchist Academy is a hip hop formation from Lüdenscheid, founded by Stephan Bomm and Hannes Loh in 1992.
Anchorsong (Musicians)
Anchorsong (Masaaki Yoshida) is a Japanese producer from Tokyo. He lives and works in London.
Ancient Astronauts (Musicians)
Ancient Astronauts is a Hip Hip duo from Cologne, consisting of Kabanjak and Dogu.
Recent Articles
Music News | posted 02.09.2021
Niklas Wandt
Exclusive Edition: »Solar Müsli«
After various collaborations and band projects, Cologne-based Niklas Wandt releases his first solo album »Solar Müsli" on September 17, 2021. Exclusively at HHV Records there will be a Curacao Vinyl Edition.
Music Review | posted 27.10.2021
Various Artists
Shouts 2021 Vol.1&2
With »Shouts 2021,« the British label Rhythm Section International follows up the first instalment of its compilation series with an even more ambitious second one.
Music Review | posted 26.10.2021
Trip Shrubb
Trewwer, Leud Un Danz
On »Trewwer, Leud Un Danz,« Trip Shrubb remixes tunes from a Folkways record from 1952. The results are disquieting.
Music Review | posted 13.10.2021
Sepehr pays his dues to the sound of the hardcore continuum. But his »Survivalism« mini-LP also offers much more than only that.
Music Review | posted 24.10.2021
»Shade« is the twelfth album release or so from Grouper and the question is: Can Liz Harris keep up the level of the previous ones? Spoiler: She can.
Music Essay | posted 22.09.2021
The Beat Era in the GDR
Hostile takeover
Records from the Amiga label are widely available in Germany. In addition to pressings of international stars such as Michael Jackson, the Beatles or Bob Dylan, there was also a lot of music from the GDR itself that was released. Some of it is worth to be rediscovered.
Music Portrait | posted 27.10.2021
Holy Hive
Introspective lightness
With their debut album »Float Back To You«, the New York trio Holy Hive presented a folk-soul balm for the sore and bare nerves in 2020. On the self-titled follow-up Paul Spring, Homer Steinweiss and Joe Harrison continue on the chosen course, but sound even more intimate and personal.
Music News | posted 16.09.2021
Das Lunsentrio
Exclusive: »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen«
The new album »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen« by the Lunsentrio will be released on Tapete Records on October 22, 2021. Exclusively at HHV Records, the record will be available in a green vinyl edition.
Music List | posted 07.10.2021
Palmbomen II
10 All Time Favs
Pictures and sounds could never really be separated from each other with Palmbomen II. His new record, »Make A Film,« provides the music for the moving pictures that we all have yet to shoot. What music inspires him when composing film music, the Dutch producer has told us now.
Music Review | posted 31.10.2021
Jazz is more hip than it has been for a long time. The output is large, the return mediocre. But with »Natten« Kopenhagen’s Bremer/McCoy deliver a fantastic work.
Music Review | posted 29.10.2021
Gate Of Klüna
Japanese trio Kuunatic debut on Glitterbeat with »Gate of Klüna,« a literally otherworldly psych-rock masterpiece.
Music Review | posted 18.10.2021
More Virtual Dreams: Music From Memory pay tribute to MLO with an extensive compilation of the ambient duo’s mid-90s work.
Music News | posted 06.09.2021
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
Exclusive Edition: »Destiny Waiving«
»Destiny Waiving«, the third collaboration between Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters, is scheduled for release on Bureau B on September 24. Exclusively on HHV Records the record will be available in a limited colored vinyl edition.
Music Column | posted 19.11.2021
Records Revisited
Autechre – Chiastic Slide (1997)
With their fourth album as Autechre, the two Mancunians said goodbye to the reference set and began their singular journey into unheard sound and massive grooves.
Music Column | posted 29.10.2021
Records Revisited
Stars Of The Lid – The Tired Sounds Of (2001)
The most monumental silence of all time: With »The Tired Sounds Of«, the two US musicians Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie aka Stars Of The Lid created in 2001 one of the most important ambient albums of all time. With over two hours of sounds, drones and loops, they gave the genre a totally new depth.
Music News | posted 17.09.2021
Ross From Friends
Green Vinyl Edition: »Tread«
On November 5, 2021, the new album »Tread« by Ross From Friends will be released on Brainfeeder. Exclusively on HHV Records, there will be a limited green vinyl edition.
Music News | posted 23.08.2021
Damu The Fudgemunk
Exclusive: »Conversation Peace«
For »Conversation Peace« Damu The Fudgemunk was allowed to help himself in the KPM Music Library. With Blu, Raw Poetic, Nitty Scott and Insight he gets active support on the microphone. An exclusive vinyl edition is available at HHV Records.
Music News | posted 30.08.2021
Holy Hive
Second album out soon, check the exclusive Edition
New York City-based Holy Hive’s second album will be released September 27, 2021, on Big Crown. Mary Lattimore, Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pechnold, and musicians from Antibalas and El Michels Affair helped a little. Exclusive Edition on HHV Records.
Music News | posted 01.09.2021
Cid Rim
New album: »Songs Of Vienna«
Cid Rim announces his second album »Songs Of Vienna« for October 15, 2021 on LuckyMe. There he deals intensively with his hometown and can also be heard as a singer himself for the first time.
Music Column | posted 23.09.2021
Records Revisited
Primal Scream – Screamadelica (1991)
1991 – what a year for rock music. The albums by Nirvana, Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers released September 24, 1991 made rock become popular again. But »Screamadelica« by Primal Scream changed the whole genre.