1800HaightStreet (Musicians)
1800HaightStreet is a Canadian producers trio of electronic music of Vancouver.
1995 (Musicians)
1995 is rap formation from Paris that has been founded in 2008. The members are Alpha Wann, Areno Jaz, Fonky Flav’, Nekfeu, Sneazzy West and Lo’ and they are inspired by the French hip hop of the nineties.
2 Chainz (Musicians)
2 Chainz, formerly Tity Boy, (Tauheed Epps, b. 1976) is an American rapper from College Park, Georgia.
2020Vision (Record label)
2020Vision is a British record label from Leeds.
2562 (Musicians)
2562 (Dave Huismas) is an electronic musician from Den Haag. He also records and performs under the pseudonyms A Made Up Sound and Dogdaze.
27SENS (Publishing house)
27SENS is a non profit organisation from France, supporting field of Arts & Technologies through spreading the digital arts, and arts technics knowledge to wide audience. 27SENS does edition as 27SENS Publishing, digital creation & production as Studio Ars 440,
and some parties too.
2econd Class Citizen (Musicians)
2econd Class Citizen is a British DJ and producer from London, who is specialized on the fusion of psychedelic, folk and Hip hop.
2ManyDJs (Musicians)
2ManyDJs is a Belgian DJ duo, consisting of the brothers Stephen and David Dewaele. They were part of the indie band Soulwax that also consisted of the bassist Stefaan Van Leuven, the drummer Steve Slingeneyer and the guitarist Dave Martijn. The brothers Dewaele worked as hosts at MTV, released several mixtapes of electronic music and founded the radio station Soulwax in 2011.
2Mex (Musicians)
2Mex (Alejandro Ocana) is an American Hip Hop MC from Los Angeles.
3 Chairs (Musicians)
3 Chairs is an American house collective, consisting of Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr., Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Malik Pittman.
3024 Records (Musicians)
3024 Records is a record label from Eindhoven, founded in 2011 by Martijn Deykers.
365xx (Record label)
365xx is a Berlin-based record label founded in 2020 by Lina Burghausen and specialising in rap music by women.
38 Hot (Musicians)
38 Hot is an American rapper from Atlanta.
3:33 (Musicians)
3:33 is an experimental electronica band. In their instrumental music they connect numerous influences from the fields of Hip hop, musique concrete and ambient. They released on the label Parallel Thought.
3plusss (Musicians)
3plusss (Denis Berndt, b. 1991) is a German rapper from Essen. He lives and works in Berlin.
40 Winks (Musicians)
40 Winks is a Belgian producer duo from Antwerpen, consisting of Padmo and Weedy.
44flavours (Musicians)
44flavours is a German collective of artists from Berlin.
4AD (Musicians)
4AD is a London-based record label, founded in 1979 by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Ken.
4hero (Musicians)
4 hero is an electronic duo from the UK, formed in London in 1989 and consisting of Mark Clair and Dennis McFarlane. They are regarded as pioneers of Drum and Bass, Downtempo and Nu Jazz.
50 Cent (Musicians)
50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III, b. 1975) is an American rapper, HipHop producer, actor and businessman. He was spotted by Eminem in 2002, who got him together with Dr. Dre a contract with the label Interscope Records. In 2003 50Cent set up his own label G-Unit Records. He is one of the most famous HipHop artist of the last decade.
Recent Articles
Music News | posted 19.08.2021
Big Red Machine
Exclusive Edition: »How Long Do You Think It´s Gonna Last?«
»How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?«, the second album by Big Red Machine, will be released September 2 on Jagjaguar and will feature exquisite guests. Exclusively at HHV Records the album is available in a limited edition.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2021
Hozan Yamamoto & Yu Imai
Akuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo Fuku
The soundtrack to the 1979 film »Akuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo Fuku« composed by Hozan Yamamoto and Yu Imai has now been re-released.
Music Review | posted 16.09.2021
Jolly Mare
Mediterranean summer music: You have to imagine the sea of Jolly Mare on »Epsilon« as a cheerful one.
Music News | posted 23.08.2021
Damu The Fudgemunk
Exclusive: »Conversation Peace«
For »Conversation Peace« Damu The Fudgemunk was allowed to help himself in the KPM Music Library. With Blu, Raw Poetic, Nitty Scott and Insight he gets active support on the microphone. An exclusive vinyl edition is available at HHV Records.
Music Column | posted 27.08.2021
Records Revisited
Björk – Vespertine (2001)
Introverted standstill. Despite numerous positive reviews in August 2021 for the release of her fourth album “Vespertine”, Björk Guðmundsdóttir did not seem to fulfill the promise of her previous work with this record. Because this time she chose a completely different approach. Which makes »Vespertine« one of her best records to date.
Music Review | posted 09.09.2021
Ian Carr
»Belladonna«, Ian Carr’s gem from 1972, has now been reissued. Jazz lovers should get their hands on it.
Music List | posted 12.08.2021
Durand Jones & The Indications
10 All Time Favs
More than retro soul: Durand Jones & The Indications have been combining the past and future of the genre since their debut five years ago. Now their third album »Private Space« is released. Time to ask the band about the 10 records that have shaped, improved and educated them.
Music Column | posted 01.09.2021
Records Revisited
John Coltrane – Africa/Brass (1961)
In 1961, »Africa/Brass" marked the dawn of a new age: for John Coltrane, it was the beginning of his Impulse! years, and for many African countries, the start of independence. Musically, it was probably his most ambitious effort.
Music Review | posted 11.09.2021
Sarah Davachi
Milky shimmering pearls: Canadian musician Sarah Davachi has released a great new album with »Antiphonals«.
Music Review | posted 15.09.2021
Venetian Snares
Rossz Csillag Alatt Született
The finally rereleased LP “Rossz Csillag Alatt Született” is and remains Venetian Snares’ most ambitious album.
Music Portrait | posted 02.09.2021
DJ Koco
Guest Mix
With DJ Koco, amazing mixing skills meet a selection of tremendous sophistication. Hardly anyone cuts his breakbeats tighter into each other than he does. The most amazing thing: The Japanese DJ limits himself to 7-inches in his sets.
Music News | posted 01.09.2021
Cid Rim
New album: »Songs Of Vienna«
Cid Rim announces his second album »Songs Of Vienna« for October 15, 2021 on LuckyMe. There he deals intensively with his hometown and can also be heard as a singer himself for the first time.
Music News | posted 16.09.2021
Das Lunsentrio
Exclusive: »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen«
The new album »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen« by the Lunsentrio will be released on Tapete Records on October 22, 2021. Exclusively at HHV Records, the record will be available in a green vinyl edition.
Music Portrait | posted 07.09.2021
Leslie Winer
The Unknown World Star
Björk, Grace Jones, Boy George and Sinéad O’Connor are among her admirers. William S. Burroughs was her mentor. Somehow, she also invented trip-hop. Yet Leslie Winer is known only to insiders today. That could change now.
Music News | posted 18.08.2021
The Bug
New Album: »Fire«
Kevin Martin has announced his highly intense new album »Fire« for Augfust 27, 2021 on Ninja Tune. Exclusively via HHV Records »Fire« will be available in an exclusive transparent red-yellow `vinyl edtion.
Music Review | posted 16.09.2021
The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble
On the threshold of acid jazz, »Le-Le«, by The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble from Philadelphia, was released in 1987. Now comes a reissue.
Music News | posted 17.08.2021
Jordan Rakei
Exclusive Edition: »What We Call Life«
New Zealand soul singer Jordan Rakei has announced his new album »What We Call Life« on Ninja Tune for September 17, 2021. Exclusively for HHV Records he signs his Transculent Green Vinyl Edition.
Music Review | posted 08.09.2021
Inertial Frame
With »Inertial Frame«, the third and last album by Gerald Donald’s project Arpanet, released in 2006, is now being reissued. The past catches up with the future.
Music Portrait | posted 04.08.2021
Conrad Schnitzler
In the Midst of Disorder
Conrad Schnitzler, who died in 2011, is still perceived primarily for his connection to Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. Yet the impressive body of work that the »intermedia« artist left behind stands on its own.
Music Review | posted 12.09.2021
Tülay German & François Rabbath
Tülay German & François Rabbath
On the first of their two joint albums, Tülay German & Francois Rabbath explored Turkish folklore. The result from 1980 still sounds timeless today.