Alcoholic Narcolepsy (Record label)
Alcoholic Narcolepsy is a record label from London, founded by Steven Warwick (Heatsick) and Luke Younger (Helm).
Alejandro Paz (Musicians)
Alejandro Paz is a DJ and producer from Santiago de Chile.
Alessandro Alessandroni (Musicians)
Alessandro Alessandroni (1925 – 2017) was an Italian musician and composer from Rome. He also played under the name Braen and was part of the trio The Pawnshop.
Alessandro Cortini (Musicians)
Alessandro Cortini (born 1976) is an Italian musician from Bologna. He is known as a member of the band Nine Inch Nails and as the frontman of the band SONOIO.
Alessi's Ark (Musicians)
Alessi’s Ark is a band project of the London-based singer and songwriter Alessi Laurent-Marke.
Alessio Riccio (Musicians)
Alessio Riccio is an Italian drummer from Florenz.
Alex Niggemann (Musicians)
Alex Niggemann (b. 1984) is a German techno and house producer from Düsseldorf.
Alex Puddu (Musicians)
Alex Puddu is an Italian composer and musician from Rome.
Alex Smoke (Musicians)
Alex Smoke is a Scottish DJ and producer of electronic music from Glasgow.
Alexander Hacke (Musicians)
Alexander Hacke is a German musician, producer, composer and actor from Berlin. Since 1980 he is member of Einstürzende Neubauten.
Alexander Rishaug (Musicians)
Alexander Rishaug is a Norwegian musician and composer from Oslo.
Alexander Tucker (Musicians)
Alexander Tucker is a British singer and songwriter from Kent. He forms the duo Imbogodom with Daniel Beban and worked with Stephen O’Malley, SunnO))) and many others.
Alexi Murdoch (Musicians)
Alexi Murdoch is a British singer and songwriter from London. He is the son of the British singer Louise Cordet.
Alfie (Musicians)
Alfie (b. 1995) is an English producer of electronic music from London.
Ali Augur (Artists)
Ali Augur is a DJ and designer from London.
Alias (Musicians)
Alias (Brendon Whitney) is a Hip Hop and Electronica producer from Portland, Maine. He is part of the Anticon collective.
Alice Boman (Musicians)
Alice Boman is a Swedish singer and songwriter from Malmö.
Alice Russel (Musicians)
Alice Russel (b.1975) is a British soul singer from Framingham. Amongst others she collaborated with Mr. Scruff, Bah Samba, Quantic, TM Juke, Kushti and Nostalgia 77.
Alien Ensemble (Musicians)
Alien Ensemble is a German jazz band from Weilheim, founded by Michael Acher in 2010.
Alien Transistor (Record label)
Alien Transistor is a Weilheim-based record label, founded in 2003 by Markus and Micha Acher.
Recent Articles
Music Review | posted 13.10.2021
Sepehr pays his dues to the sound of the hardcore continuum. But his »Survivalism« mini-LP also offers much more than only that.
Music News | posted 17.09.2021
Ross From Friends
Green Vinyl Edition: »Tread«
On November 5, 2021, the new album »Tread« by Ross From Friends will be released on Brainfeeder. Exclusively on HHV Records, there will be a limited green vinyl edition.
Music Review | posted 11.10.2021
Akiko Yano
Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
»Ai Ga Nakucha Ne« by Akiko Yano, released in 1982, was produced by Ryūichi Sakamoto and offers a wild mix of styles.
Music Review | posted 04.10.2021
Once understood, it’s life-changing: »Wappinschaw«, 1994 released highlight of Cindytalk, has now been reissued on Dais Records.
Music Column | posted 23.09.2021
Records Revisited
Primal Scream – Screamadelica (1991)
1991 – what a year for rock music. The albums by Nirvana, Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers released September 24, 1991 made rock become popular again. But »Screamadelica« by Primal Scream changed the whole genre.
Music Review | posted 27.10.2021
Various Artists
Shouts 2021 Vol.1&2
With »Shouts 2021,« the British label Rhythm Section International follows up the first instalment of its compilation series with an even more ambitious second one.
Music News | posted 27.09.2021
Exclusive Edition: »Magic Peaks«
With homesick flicker: The Sao Paulo-born musician Windows彡96 releases his new album »Magic Peaks« on 100% Electronica on November 12, 2021. A limited colour edition is available from HHV Records.
Music Review | posted 07.10.2021
Soshi Takeda
Floating Mountains
Soshi Takeda translates the sight of Chinese mountain landscapes to lo-fi house with his »Floating Mountains« album for 100% Silk.
Music News | posted 01.09.2021
Cid Rim
New album: »Songs Of Vienna«
Cid Rim announces his second album »Songs Of Vienna« for October 15, 2021 on LuckyMe. There he deals intensively with his hometown and can also be heard as a singer himself for the first time.
Music News | posted 23.08.2021
Damu The Fudgemunk
Exclusive: »Conversation Peace«
For »Conversation Peace« Damu The Fudgemunk was allowed to help himself in the KPM Music Library. With Blu, Raw Poetic, Nitty Scott and Insight he gets active support on the microphone. An exclusive vinyl edition is available at HHV Records.
Music Review | posted 18.10.2021
More Virtual Dreams: Music From Memory pay tribute to MLO with an extensive compilation of the ambient duo’s mid-90s work.
Music Review | posted 05.10.2021
»NINE« by Sault drenches all whites in hydrochloric acid, sends beautiful greetings from Stax Studios and holds a mass like Yeezus.
Music Review | posted 23.10.2021
Ka Baird & Pekka Airaksinen
FRKWYS Volume 17: Hungry Shells
On »FRKWYS Volume 17: Hungry Shells,« vocal performer Ka Baird collaborates with the Finnish composer Pekka Airaksinen.
Music Portrait | posted 27.10.2021
Holy Hive
Introspective lightness
With their debut album »Float Back To You«, the New York trio Holy Hive presented a folk-soul balm for the sore and bare nerves in 2020. On the self-titled follow-up Paul Spring, Homer Steinweiss and Joe Harrison continue on the chosen course, but sound even more intimate and personal.
Music Column | posted 24.09.2021
Records Revisited
A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory (1991)
It doesn’t get much better than that. At the beginning of the 1990s, A Tribe Called Quest brought the flow to the point with their second album »The Low End Theory«. Without aggressive male poses, but with jazz, breaks and vibe.
Music News | posted 01.10.2021
Das Große Ganze
Now it’s all about »Das Große Ganze". The songwriter Girlwoman from Bielefeld releases her debut on Staatsakt. Exclusively at HHV Records there’s a limited Red Vinyl Edition available.
Music Interview | posted 21.09.2021
José González
Taste Is Like Your Bum
In 2003, Jose Gonzalez covered the song “Heartbeat” by The Knife and instantly catapulted himself into the hearts and study rooms of so many. Now he has a new album, »Local Valley«, released. We had the opportunity to interview him.
Music News | posted 16.09.2021
Das Lunsentrio
Exclusive: »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen«
The new album »69 Arten Den Pubrock Zu Spielen« by the Lunsentrio will be released on Tapete Records on October 22, 2021. Exclusively at HHV Records, the record will be available in a green vinyl edition.
Music Review | posted 03.10.2021
Various Artists
Eins Und Zwei Und Drei Und Vier
Kann eine Compilation über die Neue Deutsche Welle noch neue Einblicke ermöglichen? »Eins Und Zwei Und Drei Und Vier« zeigt, ja, das geht.
Music News | posted 20.09.2021
Now on Vinyl: »Pandemie und Freunde«
Tracks against stress: Our HHV Label now releases the EP »Pandemie & Freunde« by Stuttgart based beat smith Dexter in a limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl.