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Tri Angle (Record label)
Tri Angle is a record label from London, founded by Robin Carolan in 2010. The label has designed a sound that is somewhere between mainstream and underground. (source: Die Zeit) So various artists like Clams Casino, oOoOO, How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, Haxan Cloak or Holy Other are signed to Tri Angle. Musicians, whose music can also be described with the attributes R&B, hip hop, techno, witch house, dubstep, psychedelic. If only insufficient. Let us look at the mysterious as the lowest common denominator. This is confirmed by label owner Robin Carolan. Questioned for the unconventional artwork, he answers »I like the idea that a lot of the artwork looks like it could be about nothing and everything if that makes any sense.« (source: Dazed Digital) Carolan who runned the blog before, has the idea that each release is a self-contained story on the one hand and an episode of a larger narrative, »Tri Angle Records«, on the other hand.
Tri Angle in Reviews
Music Review | posted 13.10.2016
Katie Gately
On »Color«, Katie Gately demonstrates how to put seemingly chaotic sounds and – partially heavily electronically processed – vocals into the right mixing ratio.
Music Review | posted 01.10.2014
Punish, Honey
»Punish, Honey« sounds like a musical reflection of Shinya Tsukamoto’s »Tetsuo«-films, held together by Vessel’s feel for composition and song structures.
Music Review | posted 02.09.2013
Forest Swords
Forest Swords has made one of this year’s best records. Because he just does, because he anticipates every track-detail according to its atmosphere and because of this music-mix …
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»The American Negro« marks the beginning of a new chapter in Adrian Younge’s work. It is more frontal, more politically charged, and more self-assured. He wants to teach. We had the opportunity for an in-depth interview.
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Portico Quartet
Exclusive Edition: »Terrain«
»Terrain« is the name of the new album by the British jazz musicians Portico Quartet, announced for 28 May. A green vinyl edition will be available exclusively from HHV Records.
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Leon Vynehall
10 All Time Favs
With his new album »Rare, Forever«, British producer Leon Vynehall continues the path he started with »Nothing Is Still« 3 years ago. Today he tells us 10 vinyl records that have shaped, improved and educated him.