Tri Angle (Record label)
Tri Angle is a record label from London, founded by Robin Carolan in 2010. The label has designed a sound that is somewhere between mainstream and underground. (source: Die Zeit) So various artists like Clams Casino, oOoOO, How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, Haxan Cloak or Holy Other are signed to Tri Angle. Musicians, whose music can also be described with the attributes R&B, hip hop, techno, witch house, dubstep, psychedelic. If only insufficient. Let us look at the mysterious as the lowest common denominator. This is confirmed by label owner Robin Carolan. Questioned for the unconventional artwork, he answers »I like the idea that a lot of the artwork looks like it could be about nothing and everything if that makes any sense.« (source: Dazed Digital) Carolan who runned the blog before, has the idea that each release is a self-contained story on the one hand and an episode of a larger narrative, »Tri Angle Records«, on the other hand.
Tri Angle in Reviews
Music Review | posted 13.10.2016
Katie Gately
On »Color«, Katie Gately demonstrates how to put seemingly chaotic sounds and – partially heavily electronically processed – vocals into the right mixing ratio.
Music Review | posted 01.10.2014
Punish, Honey
»Punish, Honey« sounds like a musical reflection of Shinya Tsukamoto’s »Tetsuo«-films, held together by Vessel’s feel for composition and song structures.
Music Review | posted 02.09.2013
Forest Swords
Forest Swords has made one of this year’s best records. Because he just does, because he anticipates every track-detail according to its atmosphere and because of this music-mix …
Recent Articles
Music Interview | posted 14.10.2020
Makaya McCraven
»I'm excavating sounds«
Makaya McCraven is one of the most leading jazz musicians of these days. Not only his hometown Chicago, but the whole world seems to be inspired by the free approach to the jazz heritage in his music. We had the chance for an interview.
Music News | posted 09.07.2020
Logic System
Reissued: »Venus«
The album »Venus«, first released in 1981, by Hideki Matsutake alias Loi’gic System, who plays with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, is now being reissued via Wewantsounds. Exclusively at HHV Records in a limited edition.
Music Review | posted 23.07.2020
Eiko Ishibashi
Hyakki Yagyō
On her first solo studio album in two years, »Hyakki Yagyō«, Eiko Ishibashi brings wonderfully wondrous sounds into flowing movements on two sound collages.
Music Portrait | posted 03.11.2020
Mort Garson
Music for plants and people
He was involved in over 900 songs and reached number 1 on the Billboard charts, but Mort Garson’s current fame is based on an encounter with Bob Moog, whom he persuaded to give him one of his synthesizers. A rediscovery.
Music News | posted 24.06.2020
Apollo Brown & Che' Noir
Exclusive Edition: »As God Intended«
Apollo Brown has teamed up with Che’ Noir for »As God Intended«, which will be released by Mello Music Group on September 4, 2020. The album is exclusively available from us in a Coloured Vinyl Edition.