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Not Not Fun (Record label)
Not Not Fun Records is a record label from Los Angeles founded by Britt und Amanda Brown in 2004. The roots of the label are DIY: The two sold 3$-Mixtapes to their friends and this way they established their self-image as record label. Eight years later they are still committed to this DIY attitude, but are selling woldwide records and tapes of international artists like Maria Minerva and Cankun. Whether hip hop, esoteric or dance: The main thing is, that they can establish a connection to the musicians: »I think when we come together, it’s about looking for hardworking, soulful, creatively talented people. We care more about relationships.« named they in an interview with Altered Zones the basic setting, that sets Not Not Fun Records apart from other record labels.
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Music Review | posted 23.11.2012
LA Vampires & Maria Minerva
The Integration LP
They could have done even better: dusty vintage-house-beats meet weirdo-pop-vocals. However, the record is lacking the courage for catchiness at some points.
Music Review | posted 06.01.2012
Peaking Lights
Having already been released in the U.S. the spring of 2011, one of last year’s top-notch records is finally arriving at Europe’s market, as well.
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Important Records
Deep Listening Forever!
Whehter it’s Pauline Oliveros, Éliane Radigue, Alina Kalancea or Caterina Barbieri: For 20 years now, Important Records has been like a well-stocked record shop for exciting sounds and music that needs to be heard intensely.
Music News | posted 15.02.2021
Alfa Mist
Exclusive Edition: »Bring Backs«
Alfa Mist releases “Bring Backs”, his most sophisticated album to date, on April 23. Exclusively at HHV Records the record is available in a limited Peach Vinyl Edition.
Music News | posted 08.03.2021
Elias Rahbani
Exclusive Edition: »Mosaic Of The Orient«
The great Lebanese songwriter Elias Rahbani passed away in January. His album »Mosaic Of The Orient« is now being reissued. Exclusively from us it is available in a limited Red Vinyl Edition.
Music Column | posted 21.03.2021
Records Revisited
Yellow Magic Orchestra – BGM (1981)
Cues for the future: on their fourth album, »BGM«, the synth wizards of Yellow Magic Orchestra drafted background music for generations to come.
Music Review | posted 31.03.2021
Steve O'Sullivan
Green Trax
A highly informative odyssey into techno history: »Green Trax« collects gems by British producer Steve O’Sullivan.