Heavenly Sweetness (Record label)
Heavenly Sweetness is a record label from Paris that has been founded by Antoine Rajon and Franck Descollonges. They describe their releases as »colourful music for the soul«. Actually they try to parry categorizations. The music that is released on Heavenly Sweetness can be well described with the attributes »spiritual« and »free«. Such music is most likely found in the genres soul, funk and jazz. Heavenly Sweetness releases both new releases and re-releases of rare and inspiring records. Established artist (Monnette Sudler, Doug Hammond, Doug Carn, Byard Lancaster, Chilly Gonzales) such as talents (Anne Wirz, Anthony Joseph, Stéphane Rongetz) are signed on that label. What brings it all together is the idea, only to release music that is produced with the production conditions like they were in the 1960ties. Therefore a track should (preferably) recorded in only one take and without overdubs. Newfangled technical bells and whistles are set aside in favor of an immediate sound.
Heavenly Sweetness in Reviews
Music Review | posted 13.04.2016
Florian Pellissier Quintet
Cap De Bonne Esperance
With »Cap De Bonne Esperance«, the French jazzmen of the Florian Pellissier Quintet have captured the spirit of classic Hardbop.
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