Shelter Press (Record label)
Shelter Press, a platform for the release of records, books, magazines and art is located in Rennes, Brittany and was founded in 2011. It arose from the publisher Kaugummi Books. The initial interest was what could perhaps emerge from the creative dialogue between a publisher (Bartolomé Sanson) and an artist (Félicia Atkinson). Different to other labels, Shelter Press are limited to not just music; they also publish books, curate art projects and they organise multimedia events plus exhibitions. With artists involved from all areas (many from the line up of Shelter Press are devoted to more than just one art form) projects are addressed in the long term and often span over more, complementary releases. “For example we published two projects with Estelle Hanania; on one side a double LP by Stephen O’Malley, which includes a booklet containing her photographic work and on the other side a new monograph by her.” Also a trilogy like Gabriel Saloman’s ‘Movement Building’ finds itself a home on the French imprint. “It’s about considering the curatorial and the research element of a work as the main priority” explains Sanson. "Instead of pushing it in a certain direction due to ephemeral reasons like trends or sales.” Music at Shelter Press is logically (sound-) art. Since the first publication (a split between Pete Swanson and Rene Hell) contributions followed from the Ensemble Economiqie, Terence Hannum from the band Locrian, Ben Vida, Chicaloyoh and repeatedly from co-founder Atkinson. It is a curious mixture with people gathered from all over the world. “We are not limited to a particular geographical scene but the majority of our artists share our interests and areas of work.” explains Sanson. “There is this theory about the six degrees of separation of all people in this world. Excluding me and Félicia, there are probably no more than one or two separations between all artists who publish on Shelter Press.” Almost like how the arts are allowed to become meshed with each other at Shelter Press. “Ideally I´d prefer it if people would see no varying sides or publishing programmes in Shelter Press but rather a self-contained unit which publishes artwork in different formats.
Shelter Press in Reviews
Music Review | posted 26.01.2012
Pete Swanson & Rene Hell
Waiting For The Ladies
Once published in a small edition for a joint tour, this gem is now a wider audience. It represents tow outstanding musicians.
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Various Artists
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The compilation »And Felt Like…« is another highlight in the label history of Knekelhuis.
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Exclusive Edition: »Nafs At Peace«
»Nafs At Peace«, the great debut of the Pakistani jazz quartet Jaubi has just been released by Astigmatic. Exclusively on HHV Records, the record will also be available on vinyl.
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Records Revisited
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)
With »Maggot Brain« Funkadelic 1971 goes to the dark side of funk. The triumphant pleasure principle is interspersed with dystopian eschatology, and juxtaposes the celebration of life with an oppressive doomsday mood.
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Jazz kissas
Where the music plays in Japan
They offer classy retreat from a world where everyone listens all the time. And they celebrate listening to music: Jazz Kissas, Japan’s unofficial cultural heritage. Journalist Katsumasa Kusunose is now documenting it.
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Hoshina Anniversary
The Techno and jazz meltdown
Hoshina Anniversary makes techno. But he would rather see himself as a successor to jazz and traditional Japanese music. And the Tokyo native is not alone in this. In this sense, jazz is less what you play than how you play it.