Lapalux (Musicians)
Lapalux (Stuart Howard) is a British producer of electronic music from Essex.
Lapalux in Reviews
Music Review | posted 03.04.2015
On »Lustmore«, Lapalux doesn’t get as lost in wonky knots as he did on the previous »Nostalchic«. This one is a bit more lineal.
Music Review | posted 23.10.2012
Some Other Time
Lapalux’s second EP via Brainfeeder works more on structure than on detail. It’s not done in a wannebe-cool approach, instead, it’s pretty damn hassle-free.
Music Review | posted 17.02.2012
When You're Gone EP
Under the name of Lapalux, Stuart Howard paints complete soundscapes. That these kind of tracks will especially be giving wet dreams to the Brainfeeder-crew, is crystal clear.
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Music Column | posted 11.05.2021
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Music News | posted 10.05.2021
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Exclusive Edition: »Monika / Zabawa«
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