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Acid Mothers Temple (Musicians)
Acid Mothers Temple is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo, founded by Kawabata Makoto in 1995.
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Music Portrait | posted 11.03.2021
Important Records
Deep Listening Forever!
For 20 years now, Important Records has been the best place to go for music that needs to be heard intensively. Whether the archives of Pauline Oliveros, the long-form pieces of an Éliane Radigue or new sound art by Alina Kalancea and compositions by Caterina Barbieri: label owner John Brien aka ELEH continues to pursue the approach that started it all two decades ago. Important functions like a well-stocked record shop for exciting, exhilarating sounds.
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Music Review | posted 20.09.2021
Jan Jelinek
The Raw And The Cooked
With »The Raw And The Cooked«, Jan Jelinek has cooked up a nice soup for us. His work, originally composed for SWR, is now available on vinyl record. Delicious!
Music News | posted 17.09.2021
Ross From Friends
Green Vinyl Edition: »Tread«
On November 5, 2021, the new album »Tread« by Ross From Friends will be released on Brainfeeder. Exclusively on HHV Records, there will be a limited green vinyl edition.
Music Essay | posted 22.09.2021
The Beat Era in the GDR
Hostile takeover
Records from the Amiga label are widely available in Germany. In addition to pressings of international stars such as Michael Jackson, the Beatles or Bob Dylan, there was also a lot of music from the GDR itself that was released. Some of it is worth to be rediscovered.
Music News | posted 02.09.2021
Niklas Wandt
Exclusive Edition: »Solar Müsli«
After various collaborations and band projects, Cologne-based Niklas Wandt releases his first solo album »Solar Müsli" on September 17, 2021. Exclusively at HHV Records there will be a Curacao Vinyl Edition.
Music Review | posted 16.09.2021
The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble
On the threshold of acid jazz, »Le-Le«, by The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble from Philadelphia, was released in 1987. Now comes a reissue.