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No Corner Records (Record label)
No Corner Records is a British record label from Bristol, founded in 2012 by Daniel Davies (alias Ossia) and Alex Digard (from Studio Tape-Echo). It it closely associated with the Young Echo collective. »From the outside, it must seem really confusing what we all do here, with all the cross connections«, admits Davies. So from the beginning; the Young-Echo podcast did not lead to the creation of No Corners, even though the first catalogue number brought together the two projects Jabu and Killing Sound by the acquainted Bristolian collective. Everything began, however, in the Tape-Echo studio with a jam session and ended with the question, what should happen now with all the recorded Jabu material. Killing Sound, the common project of Jabu, El Kid, and Vessel emerged, which made up the B-side of the first No Corner tape. Nevertheless, big plans were never made, Davies admits. »I think, that it’s the best way. Otherwise, everything gets over complicated." The requirements are appropriately modest. »I value No Corner appearing as an eclectic niche platform«, Davies says. »The idea that someone can plug-in and discover something new within our wide offering is a reward in itself. It is a label for music lovers, not for the trade’s own hype.« So simple is the important criterion of the music: »It’s gotta be good.« ’nuff said. It is already complexly designed with the collective and juxtaposition of various artistic designs and media. From tapes to small-format releases on 7" up to massive vinyl-box sets, you can find pretty much every medium in the back catalogue and with it, it reflects the lively exchange between fine arts, music, and spoken word, like Jabu for example prominently embodies. Which is rather a random result, Davies appeases. »On the one hand, we put a lot of value on us accepting the visual ideas of our artists«, he adds, and points out that Digard works simultaneously as the Art Director. Possibly a characteristic of Bristol, the home base, which is just as aesthetically diverse. »Be careful with the term ‘Bristol Sound’! To many, that would be unfair and limiting«, he urges. Davies states that the city offers a rich and diverse musical environment, with a vivid exchange within its electronic music scene, ranging from Young Echo to Livity Sound Crew. This is also a feature of the hard-to-grasp label No Corner; the usual attributions fall short of the mark. Drone-loops meet Dubstep-derivatives, abstract Industrial meets danceable and straightforward. This is what it is like, when a label witnesses its own birth. At least one aim exists:_»We find it exciting to create something, and to leave a mark in the history books«, Davies says. Not without irony: »caveman-style«, he calls it.
No Corner Records in News
Music News | posted 08.09.2016
New Record Labels
Be With, Blank Slate, Money $ex und No Corner
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Be With, Blank Slate, Money $ex und No Corner.
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