Cin Cin Records (Record label)
Cin Cin is a British label from London, founded by Michael Greene (Fort Romeau) and Ali Tillet in 2015. All recordings on CinCin are splits between two different producers. Michael Greene and Ali Tillet, the busy bees, still think very practically, even when they want make a little dream come true. »When working as a DJ, I already discovered my love for Split-12inches. You simply get more good music on one record! It is also great to prevent back problems. So let’s just say that I founded Cin Cin, to save my back and to make deejaying somehow more effective«, Greene laughs, referring to the quite unusual concept of the label. Two people contribute the tracks to each publication, which turns the headlining toast into a musical one. Greene kicked it all off and invited Nick Höppner, resident of the Panorama Bar in Berlin for a glass of house music. But what is the criteria? »We do not want in any way for the sides of the records to exactly match with one another, although there needs to be a kind of synergy between the artists«, Greene explains. This explains why you may find the combination of uneven EMB-influences of the anonymous producer V on the one side, and Ripperton’s focused sound on the other side. Nonetheless, CinCin stays largely devoted to the dance floor, which Greene as well as Tillet, organiser of the London based party series ‘Warm’, are experts on. Hence the label’s back catalogue is largely made up of their international set of friends. »Obviously friends and producers who we admire and whom we have things in common with are our first port of call«, states Greene. The pair’s plan to push things forward can already be seen in their art work. Also their minimalist style, known from their back friendly releases, is about to evolve. Greene admits: »This is what our initial philosophy was already about«. »I do think though that we will expand on our visual frontier as it would be a missed chance, given the physical and visual nature of the medium.« Certainly the ergonomic and efficient thinking behind CinCin’s 12inch-series will remain.
Cin Cin Records in News
Music News | posted 12.08.2016
New Record Labels
Big Crown, CinCin, Defrostatica und Repitch
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Big Crown, CinCin, Defrostatica und Repitch.
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Reissued: »Venus«
The album »Venus«, first released in 1981, by Hideki Matsutake alias Loi’gic System, who plays with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, is now being reissued via Wewantsounds. Exclusively at HHV Records in a limited edition.
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Contagious passion
WeWantSounds has been publishing music from the 1970s and 1980s since 2015. The name of the label is a catchphrase. When the Parisian two-man company selects the reissues, genre and country borders don‘t matter.
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We Jazz
With emphasis on We
We Jazz, that stands for edgy, surprising jazz from the north. And also not. Since 2013 the festival has been held in Helsinki, since 2016 the label was founded. Matti Nives mainly publishes Finnish bands there. And acts as one of the most important networkers of the local scene.
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Apollo Brown & Che' Noir
Exclusive Edition: »As God Intended«
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Joell Ortiz & Kxng Crooked
Exclusive Edition: »H.A.R.D.«
Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked (aka Crooked I), both from the rap supergroup Slaughterhouse have announced a new album on Mello Music with »H.A.R.D.«. Vinyl will follow in September. We have a strictly limited colour edition in our assortment.