Early Sounds Recordings (Record label)
Early Sounds Recordings is an Italian record label from Naples founded in 2012 by the producers Dario di Pace, Pellegrino S. Snichelotto and Massimo di Lena. The label arose from the loose production collective Early Sounds Recordings, along with the first release. Since then successive solo as well as collaboration works have been published. »The need for a niche, which is the playground for our projects, has been enormously important for our development«, explains Snichelotto with obvious pride. Early Sounds place great importance on team work and keeps the offer as broad as possible. "Whether electronic or acoustic, House, Disco, obscure Boogie, Afro-influenced stuff or Jazz-Funk, we have very different roots, but go in a common direction. With a little twinkle in his eye, Snichelotto who himself publishes as Leskin and currently under the alias of Pellegrino, also speaks of »Mediterrean Disco«: percussive, fresh, sexy and the musical tradition of his home town Naples. The sub-label Periodic, which was launched by di Pace and described by Snichelotto as the »scrubby brother of the well dressed Early Sounds« is characterised by somewhat a different key. Thanks to the producers MCMXC, Mystic Jungle, or the duo Manny, it is a little more jagged, while still paying attention to funkiness and energy. Periodica is not the only project that Early Sounds is affiliated with; Halfway Ritmo is the blog, which was founded by di Lena and collaborator Flavia as a kind of research platform. Artists from the Jazz and Funk traditions are the focus of Halfway Ritmo, the interviews put artists like Michael Rother or Yasuaki Shimizu into the limelight, who are in turn in musical exchange with the Early Sounds cosmos. Despite their regionally limited beginnings, the crew places great value on this: world wide, creative networking has become one of the declared themes of Early Sounds. Should it not be called »Worldwide Disco«.
Early Sounds Recordings in Reviews
Music Review | posted 05.10.2016
The Mystic Jungle Tribe
It’s music for dressing in white linen and popping to the bar – the butt tight from the morning beach walk, the shirt unbuttoned halfway down, placing an order at the bar that smells of after shave.
Early Sounds Recordings in News
Music News | posted 05.11.2016
New Record Labels
Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at hhv.de webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes.
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