Dub Disco (Record label)
Dub Disco is a Berlin founded record label established in 2016 by Serj Nosé and Aussteiger.
The record label itself is in fact only two records old, however the idea to establish a label has accompanied the two for a long time – even if for fairly different reasons. Serj Nosé is an experienced DJ and has had for a long time »the permission« to be involved and channel my own musical vision. It was the optimal move, since I have never produced anything myself.« On the other hand, Aussteiger has for a long time produced genre cross-over music with echoes of House, Disco, HipHop Beats and so forth. Thus, the label should also serve its purpose by publishing one’s own, unusual works: »My DJ sets partly exist from 30-40% of my own, unreleased tracks; I need a platform where I can publish my tracks including mega-crazy tracks from my friends. Also, I have no desire to constantly send demos to labels,« says Aussteiger. No wonder Aussteiger adorned the first EP with the catalogue number 001. The hardest thing was to find 3 out of 15 amazing tracks which fit together and represent our style.« After the label’s second release in december 2016, an EP by Berlin-based Italo-specialists S&W, Dub Disco 003 is slowly approaching. Still, the three label operators are taking it slowly: »In 2017 we will produce 2-3 releases very relaxed and surprise people with the sound«, Aussteiger explains. Surprise is an important term in the vocabulary of Dub Disco, since the young label would like, under no circumstances, to be reduced to a single style. There are so many labels, which release good music, however ultimately it always sounds the same; we really did not want that!«, he further explains and Serj expands: »One of the main aspects, which we agree upon on the outset, is that we wanted no stylistic homogenous label. There are enough pure House, Techno etc labels. Also on top of that, we would like to release things by friends, we want to remain free and not restricted. What we think is awesome gets pressed.« The previous releases are united by their dance-floor suitability, their unusualness, and their common medium – vinyl – which the two put a strong emphasis on, despite their Bandcamp-Downloads. More coherence is however not necessary, even if the name of the label could be understood as a genre-fixation. We most certainly are proper Disco-heads, even if we are fundamentally very open minded, and we can actually find a liking in almost everything – as long as it´s well crafted.« admits Serj. »The same applies to the releases: I´d always go for a Disco release rather than a Techno one. Looking at the bigger picture, almost everything is allowed.«
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