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Redefinition Records (Record label)
Redefinition Records is an American Hip hop record label based in Washington, D.C., founded in 2007 by John Notarfrancesco (JNOTA), Al Lindstrom and David Anthony Willis (Ski Beatz). Initially it was more of an artist management type of company, but they grew into a full service record label over the years. Al Lindstrom and Ski left the company after some time. In their place Earl Davis (Damu the Fudgemunk) was co-owner of Redefinition Records. Notarfrancesco and Davis are very hands on and believe in the do-it-yourself approach to all aspects of their company. Their motto is “Quality Over Quantity” and the priority is to only release great records. »Our thoughts are that we should only put out records that we ourselves would actually want to buy and own if another label was releasing them«, as he confirmed in an interview. While Redefinition Records is modest. Everything is tackeled with a certain serenity and tranquility, without a lot of hype and screaming. They let the music speak for itself. Recently they expanded and added a partner label to their mix, Kev Brown’s Low Budget Records, that still sharpens the portfolio of the label which operates in Washington, D.C. and New Jersey.
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Robert Cotter
Missing You
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Yellow Magic Orchestra – BGM (1981)
Cues for the future: on their fourth album, »BGM«, the synth wizards of Yellow Magic Orchestra drafted background music for generations to come.