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MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday Deluxe
Text Redaktion , Translation Julia Frohn

Again, MF Doom has packed a sweet package for his fans: Since the lunchbox of Operation Doomsday has already enhanced every single lunch break, its content is now being delivered in a new wrapping. This time, the album was put into a silver tin-box of the size of an LP, which is embellished by the image of the Metalface. Like the lunch box, the collection consists of four records. Operation Doomsday – the mask-man’s first studio album of 1999 – was remastered, put on two LPs and revives due to being featured by MF Grimm, Megalon, Kong and more. In addition to the album, the box offers alternative versions, B-sides and instrumentals. If that’s still not enough for the vinyl-lovers, MF Doom makes the collectors’ hearts jump through a 32-pages text-book with all the album’s lyrics and 10 Operation Doomsday MC Cards.

You can find MF Doom’s Operation: Doomsday Deluxe Tin Box Set at LP We’re giving away one of MF Doom’s Operation: Doomsday Deluxe Tin Box Set. All you have to do is to rank to the best of your knowledge and belief! The winners will be notified via e-mail.
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When you take out a home mortgage, do you expect to be treated fairly and competently by your bank or loan servicer? ATLANTA -- Delta Air Lines Inc. has undergone a major

facelift during more than a year and a half in bankruptcy, but other changes are on the way as the nation's No. 3 carrier exits Chapter 11 on Monday.The United States created the Transportation Security Administration in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to improve security for travelers.
The Nashville Symphony Association said it had reached an agreement with creditors to pay an $82.3
million debt to avoid foreclosure and prevent the sale of its concert hall, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.     Despite Japan's disaster, atomic energy can't be writtenoff.
The author of this week’s cover article answers questions about how her son’s illness informed her reporting, and where the field of food allergy research is heading. DES MOINES, Iowa -- Americans who were afraid to open their 401(k) statements during the recession are finding good news inside the envelope now: For the most part, their accounts have come all the way back and then some. The Korean-American playwright performed songs last night from her album “We’re Gonna Die” among friends at the Standard Hotel, East Village.    
Talk with experts about the pros and cons of the new U.S.
policy on public access Serious crime increased last year across the Metro transit system by 12 percent, fueled by surging numbers of aggravated assaults and robberies by thieves who snatch smartphones, MP3 players and other electronic devices from rail passengers and flee, Metro has reported. Our panel of science and innovation policy experts digest the details of George Osborne's spending reviewVince Cable's determination to hold his ground against George Osborne fuelled a lot of speculation about science and innovation spending ahead of today's spending review.
Would the Medical Research Council's budget be shifted to the Department of Health? Would there be any fresh capital investment in science? Would the UK's embryonic innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, get a further boost as part of a more active industrial policy? Now the verdict is in. In his speech on Wednesday, Osborne emphasised three principles – reform, growth and fairness – and talked up the role of science and innovation in driving growth. The science budget – that is, funding for research allocated mainly through the research councils and block grants to universities for research – was "ring-fenced" at £4.6bn per annum in the previous 2010 spending review, to the relief of the research community, which had been braced for

significant cuts.
However, the capital spend on science

was cut drastically – cuts that have been partially but not entirely reversed since then.
On Wednesday the chancellor confirmed that the ring-fenced science budget would be maintained, and capital spending on science boosted. Of course, a frozen science budget is, in reality, a declining one.
And just the prospect of greater competition for funding pushes actors in the science base to make short-term decisions that can have long-term impacts.
And at the end of the day, this is a one-year spending round. With a general election expected in May 2015, attention will now shift to the prominence given to research and innovation in the manifestos and spending plans of the three main parties. Long before then, we will know the outcomes of the ongoing Triennial Reviews of the Research Councils and the Technology Strategy Board. Could major structural changes be on the cards? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we have invited a range of commentators on science and innovation policy to offer their first reactions to today's spending round statement and look ahead to what it might mean.Sir Paul NurseBack in 2010 the science community breathed a huge sigh of relief when the spectre of cuts in the spending review largely passed us by. It wasn't great news, as a flat cash settlement meant real terms cuts, but in comparison with many other sectors it was good news. There was also the blow of significant cuts to the capital budget.In the past few years the government has spoken in increasingly positive terms about science and innovation as the key to long-term, sustainable economic growth. It has also taken pretty much every opportunity to put right the damage done to the capital budget. The mood music at Westminster has also been positive with the parties competing with each other to show their science credentials – a welcome show of cross-party agreement. So today's announcement of a flat cash settlement for the operational science budget with a further long-term boost to the capital budget is hopefully less

a cause of relief and more a cause for confidence for the future. We still have quite a long way to go as both government and business investment in research falls below the level of our competitor economies, but there is reason to believe that we are on the right road.We must give credit where credit is due.
The chancellor, Vince Cable and David Willetts have protected science. The next step must be to nurture our already world-leading

capacity with greater investment – tinnitus miracle are signs of that in the capital budget changes announced today.
That is how we will make research the engine room for economic growth. Sir Paul Nurse is the president of the Royal Society and a Nobel laureateMariana MazzucatoThere are key problems with the spending review and the logic behind it.
Firstly, the continued insistence that more cuts are necessary – £11.5bn
over the next spending period – is just wrong. There is no need for more cuts in a country that is not facing serious pressure from the financial markets on its deficit (especially one with a central bank that can intervene at any time, making the probability of default almost nil), has its own currency, and is in fact facing increasing pressure, from non-obvious sources like the IMF, for its lack of growth. And since growth is the denominator of debt/GDP, even though the government is trying to cut its debt, the ratio rises due to the low denominator.
And what is causing the low growth of the denominator? Most macro and micro economists will agree that spending in key areas like education, human capital formation, skills, research and development (public and private), as well as health care, are key to future growth in the long run. It is simply not true that these areas are being ring-fenced.
The Campaign for Science and Engineering has revealed the "real" fall in the science budget to be about 12% (with initial cuts being now filled back in but not enough to control for inflation) at a time when our key competitors are increasing it by at least that same amount. And anyone like myself who has kids in state schools knows full well how cuts in locally funded after-school programmes and libraries affect

the most vulnerable in society – making it harder, not easier, for people to find work and stay in work. All this is continued bad news for the denominator of debt/GDP, making the numerator almost meaningless.

Mazzucato is R M Phillips Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex, and author of The Entrepreneurial State (@mazzucatom)Luke GeorghiouThe settlement is close to the upper limits of expectations of research-intensive universities and we should gracefully acknowledge the argument put by Cable and Willetts and accepted by the Treasury. The upfront linkage of support for

science with growth is central to that case. It means that the "impact agenda"

will be with us for the foreseeable future.
Maintaining resource funding in cash terms continues the real-terms decline but the restoration of capital funding is genuinely

good news.
The drastic initial reduction followed by intermittent short-term announcements of availability of new funds did perversely have some benefits, including stimulation of arrangements for sharing equipment and the ability to make swift and bold decisions.
Both look set to survive, with the Research Partnership Investment Fund continuing to leverage private funding, but the real hope here is that the low-to-mid-range infrastructure on which the majority of research depends can be put back into balance and that a planned approach can replace hasty responses. Universities will also welcome the positive treatment of ecosystem partners, notably the Technology Strategy Board.
It is positive to see that postgraduate funding is on the radar and linked to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Other parts of the Review await interpretation.
Reprioritisation of teaching grant spend could be a reference to cuts for Widening Participation.
Reduced spending on administration is also significant. Research funders will have less ability to process grant applications and will be driven still further towards devolving that workload to

universities, both by demand management and

by giving fewer, larger and longer grants.
Luke Georghiou is Vice-President for Research and Innovation at the University of Manchester and Professor of Science and Technology Policy and Management at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (@lukegeorghiou)Sarah MainThe Chancellor has claimed that he

is 'up for the challenge of making the UK the best place in the world to do science'. Today's announcements alone will not achieve that goal.
We now urge government to set an upward trajectory for long-term investment in UK science and engineering for the next Spending Review. In the long term, 'flat cash' will not be sufficient. We applaud the Chancellor's ambition for science and engineering, and are heartened by the efforts made to protect science in the face of deep departmental

cuts across the


the commitments made today pale in comparison to those made by leaders of our partner nations who are investing heavily in science and research for economic growth.
The risk of sliding down the global 'premier league' of scientific nations is not simply one of pride, but of real economic cost in losing the 'spillover' benefits of competing with the big guns.
The Chancellor's announcement of additional capital is welcome. However, anyone who has been frustrated by working in a lab where new equipment falls into disuse due to lack of maintenance or upgrades will know the pitfalls of capital investment without investment in staff and running costs.
With a flat-cash science budget, research organisations will find it increasingly hard to find the money to coffee shop millionaire download new equipment. To make the most efficient use of additional capital, the government must ensure that it is supported by parallel investment streams for recurrent costs. And government investment in UK science and research is far broader and

greater than the ring-fenced science budget. Today a number of research-intensive departments saw deep cuts to their departmental budgets. We wait to see how departmental spend on R&D is affected by the settlements for areas like transport, defence, environment and energy.
Sarah Main is Director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering (@sciencecampaign)Rebecca WillisToday's Spending Review is unfortunate timing for any government wanting to be seen to be green. It comes just a day after Obama's impassioned plea to America to "convince those in power to reduce our carbon pollution.
Push your own communities to adopt smarter practices.
Divest." And the stock market reaction – renewables up, coal down – said it all.
It's a long time since we've seen any leading UK government figures being so unequivocal about the need for action.

Not surprising, then, that the government's own advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, are saying – in a report launched today – that the UK is in danger of missing its statutory carbon targets within the next few years. Equivocation and watered-down policy has damaged confidence in low-carbon investment.There
are some crumbs of comfort in Osborne's words today. At the risk of generalising, investment in the science base and in innovation – especially the applied innovation of the TSB and Catapault Centres – will be good news for new low-carbon technologies and systems. And we

do now have a Green Investment Bank – even if it can't yet borrow.But set this against the woes of Defra and DECC – both Whitehall minnows ill-prepared for further budget cuts – and, crucially, the lack of any Tory consensus on the environment, and the picture doesn't look rosy. Conservatives are split about the merits of low-carbon investment – indeed, for truly unfathomable reasons, they are split about the science of climate change.
Against this backdrop, there is unlikely to be a huge amount of investment in the good stuff – or divestment from the bad.
Both the economy and the environment will suffer as a result.Rebecca Willis is an independent researcher, adviser to the Lake District National Park Authority and a council member of the Natural Environment Research Council (@bankfieldbecky)Stian WestlakeToday's Spending Round marks another step in the Government's gradual conversion to activist innovation policy. Back in 2010, innovation policy followed robustly Thatcherite lines. Science funding was protected (in cash terms at least) and tax breaks doled out to entrepreneurs.
The implication was that the invisible hand would take care of the rest. The Technology Strategy Board, the public body that co-funds technology development by businesses, had to put up with

a certain froideur from some at the centre of government. It wasn't seen as close enough to the cool kids of Shoreditch's Internet start-ups, at a time when Tech City was all the rage in Downing Street. And of course, it was a quango, a New Labour creation no less, at a time when that elicited suspicion.
This was a mistake.
Like it or not, if Government wants to help

turn research into winning business ideas at scale, the TSB is the only game in town. To their credit, thanks in no small part to the judgment of David Willetts and Vince Cable, the Government has now realised this. As a result, the TSB is seeing a £185m budget increase (superficially this looks like a 19% boost to its 2014-15 settlement, although some portion of this may represent the continuation of programmes that would otherwise have been cancelled, like the Biomedical Catalyst), on top of another increase last year, and a sizeable increase to innovation procurement budgets (which the

TSB helps run). It was interesting to see this money classified as "infrastructure" in the Spending

Round report, perhaps a recognition of

its importance to economic growth. All this

is great news. But before we break out the champagne, it's worth remembering how our spending in this area stacks up internationally. TEKES, the TSB's equivalent in Finland, long considered a poster-child for innovation and technology, invests around €600 million each year, in an economy a tenth the size of ours. Today's announcement was welcome, but

there's still a way to go. Stian Westlake is executive director of policy and research at NESTA, the UK's foundation for innovation (@stianwestlake) Philip MoriartyWith local government facing the deepest cuts since the Second World War, sweeping pay cuts for millions of public sector workers, and tweets like "Seems Wonga is gonna be the major beneficiary" circulating on the interwebs, I am intensely aware that it would appear to be rather churlish of scientists to complain about the outcome of the spending review on the science budget.
But although we can indeed breathe a small sigh of relief – one need only look at the sharp downward adjustments of the budgets of other areas of government to realise how bad it could have been – it's certainly not all good news. The capital spend panic away thing and, of course, welcome (although quite whether the boost in funding is as large as Osborne would have us believe is moot). The Chancellor's announcement of a continued flat cash settlement for science resource is immensely worrying – we've already suffered a substantial loss in the amount of science funding due to the freeze put in place in 2010. Despite Osborne's warm words about the cultural and economic value of scientific research, the spending review is certainly not going to enhance our ability to compete on the world stage. And, of course, the big question of just how the science budget will be divvied up between the research councils and the other funding bodies which fall under the BIS 'umbrella' is yet to be addressed and looms large. Even if the axe didn't fall on the so-called 'quality-related' component of the funding for higher education institutions, there remains scope for potentially seismic changes in just how the BIS budget is distributed amongst HEFCE and the research councils.Philip Moriarty is a Professor of

Physics and an Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council Fellow in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of NottinghamDave O'BrienThe electioneering aspects of the spending review apart, there are three points that stand out: the public sector pay freeze, the talk of transferring research activities to fully ring-fenced departments such as Health and the role

of arts and social science in growth. First, the public pay freeze: whilst most researchers fall outside the public sector pay envelope, both research funding agencies and research activities within government (and, in decreasing numbers, local government) need to attract talented staff who have the capabilities to commission and consume research.
The danger is that rates

of pay will become uncompetitive compared with research roles in the private sector, stripping skills from the infrastructure on which research in the UK depends. The rumoured shift of medical research and/or education spending to the Department of Health may have failed to materialise, but it will be interesting to see how

both AHRC and

ESRC priorities maybe effected by the need to find alternative basis for

funding beyond BIS.And
the commitment to the budget for the Technology Strategy Board, along with a less severe than expected cut to the Culture, Media and Sport budget, suggests the government is tentatively supporting the creative economy, although this is not one of BIS's industrial policy priority areas. It is clear that the UK needs a new economic settlement and investment in the creative economy will be an important part of that.Overall the spending review still leaves open the question of the future of arts and social science researchers. Whilst the spending review document commits to improving support for postgraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering a modest fund to HEFCE, this is still woefully short of the comprehensive policy on postgraduate education funding which all three of the main political parties have failed to provide. Dave O'Brien is a lecturer in cultural and creative industries at City University London. He specialises in cultural value and urban cultural policy issues (@DrDaveOBrien) Science policyCSR 2013George OsborneBudget 2013BudgetKieron FlanaganJames © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.
| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     Neymar scored his third goal in three matches, and Fred added two others as Brazil showed commanding form to defeat Italy.     Haruhiko Kuroda, a Finance Ministry veteran and lover of Greek philosophy, has been charged with turning around an institution reviled for its monetary policy. Brooke Shields just seems to get better looking with age. The 46-year-old stunner hit the appropriately colored blue carpet recently for the New York premiere of "The Smurfs," which opens nationwide Friday.
Roosters do indeed have an internal timer that makes them crow before dawn Some savings accounts charge inactivity fees, making it hard to use them for emergency funds.    
Buyers should take into account their personal situation, not just mortgage rates, when deciding

to buy instead of renting a home.     The NHL suspended Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta for five games

Monday, its stiffest punishment of the season.
Some hotel brands have been teaming up to share buildings.
Meeting rooms, recreation facilities and sometimes front desks are used by both brands.     Ben Brantley on Harold Pinter’s “Old Times” and an intimate revival of “Merrily We Roll Along.” Media queries are a great tool for changing a website’s layout depending on parameters like viewport width, but it can be very annoying when browsers do not do the same thing. An obvious example is whether or not a vertical

scrollbar, should one exist, is included when the viewport’s width is calculated. Once more, with feeling "Why We Get Fat" (Knopf, $24.95)
A Canadian joint venture operating one of the world's largest gold mines and the government of the Dominican Republic reached an agreement Friday to inspect the company's exports, ending a standoff that halted a

shipment valued at nearly $12 million. How the situation in the Russian republic of Dagestan, where religious strife and

anti-Russian feelings fuel relentless violence, may have played a role in a terrorist attack in
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Why an IVA Should Quit Lender Action

Some recent figures from the United Kingdom charity Credit Action revealed that by October 2010, 1,556 folks were being made redundant day-to-day; 1 property was being repossessed every 14 minutes and in just under every 4 minutes 1 more individual was being declared insolvent or entering bankruptcy. This simple guide summarizes the ways in which Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) can block legal action plus these repayment demands. In every case, it's wise to read as much as possible about IVAs before taking the following step by getting impartial debt advice which appears especially at friendship love quotes debt problems.

IVAs are merely one of quite a number of officially recognised debt alternatives; it is true they can't be universally advisable in every scenario. That is why it is necessary to get hold of an unbiased debt counselor to discuss all of the debt options open to you before you even contemplate committing to one. Of the legal UK debt options, an IVA is often popular since it has some significant advantages when lenders are pursuing debts more persistently because of late or unpaid instalments.

1. First of all, IVAs are debt choices which the courts recognise in romantic love quotes Ireland and Wales. Hence, if you're in Scotland and have an interest in one, seek guidance about Scotland's similar Trust Deeds.

2. Make sure that your supply of debt management advice is impartial and independent - you want specialist advice which option is genuinely in your best interests. For Individual Voluntary Arrangements, you must work having a licensed Insolvency Practitioner (IP) to correctly arrange everything. The higher debt issue businesses will place you in contact with an appropriate IP.

3. If you determine it could be the best choice that's best for you, you will need to finish a lot love test steps supported all of the time by your IP. When the arrangement is agreed, the IVA lawfully prevents lenders from contacting you demanding repayments, whether on the telephone or in a letter. The arrangement creates a managed repayment strategy and it often helps consumers to feel that they're recovering more control over hard debt difficulties, since by law lenders must adhere to its provisions.

4. If creditor begins to initiate any new legal action against you whilst you along with your IP are making the required arrangements to begin the IVA, your IP has the ability to apply to love phrases for an interim order. These can halt legal action, including when lenders enter a request for your involuntary bankruptcy.

5. Again, following the deal is in position, all of the lenders it applies to will be unable to begin any further court action against you.

6. For those consumers that are undertaking the process of a declaration of bankruptcy or those have already done so, it is still possible to apply for an IVA. It is in fact common practice for the Official Receivers Office to advise bankruptcy applicants about IVAs merely to make sure the consumer is more able love tickets an educated selection.

Providing they are competently arranged and managed Individual Voluntary Arrangements should create a manageable repayment program, typically lasting five years (or occasionally longer) . The repayment amounts needs to be set at a level which means you still have the money to cover your reasonable living expenses. There are always fees to pay but they need to be at competitive rates and just incorporated to the monthly repayments. Eventually, it is very very important to adhere to the terms and conditions of all IVAs to be able to gain the sort of legal protection described
― answer
21.12.2014 14:02
6 Fascinating Facts About Landscape Design

The lovely parks and gardens in your town didn't occur by accident. In reality, many of them can take years of planning, designing and integrating of varied layout components, in addition to planting and tending to the plants. Certified Scottsdale landscape architects are applied to perform these works. They are professionals that can transform gardens and parks into living, breathing works of art. Here are added facts you should know about landscape design:
Planning and implementation of the loves the focus of landscape design.
Landscape designers develop a plan. They follow it. In order to get an attractive landscape, it is vital to plan the design properly. Their strategy may be to ask the proprietor some questions, make assessments by perusing other data, shooting pictures of the dwelling, drawing blue prints, and using computer aided design. To be able to execute the plan, they'll also gauge the property and come up with a listing of materials and tools that will phrases of love Landscape designers then implement the strategy by employing their specialized expertise. Aesthetics, horticulture and design will soon be contained in the landscape strategy.
Collaborating with other areas may be on the card
From panning to building, the art of landscape design envelops many different trades. Landscape designers will frequently partner with others from areas as divergent as civil engineering to botany to surveying. Landscape Designers may incorporate technologies like computer software too to help them plan quite correctly and economically.
Landscape design aims love you quotes several ethnic features with natural elements. Landscape designers will make decisions about altering the landscape, replacing it, and which natural attributes must be retained or altered. These professionals will also work closely with their customers so as to produce a cohesive layout strategy that harmonizes nature and culture, along with the customer 's own tastes and needs.
It differs from landscape architecture
Landscape design and landscape architecture are quite similar, with one basic difference. To place it simply, landscape architecture is more love sayings scope compared to landscape design. Landscape architecture contains not just the layout stage but in addition the engineering aspect like incorporating drainage and irrigation systems, soil climate and other engineering works. Also, landscape architects are typically required to really have a professional license because of their practice.
Various objective factors are contemplated by it
Apart from the artistic elements included, landscape design also takes into consideration objective variables such as the location's climate and microclimate, drainage system, topography, surrounding infrastructures and facilities, love scale natural plants present in the area and a number of other quantifiable factors.
Educational institutions could be teaching it
Simply through apprenticeship the previous landscape designers were trained. The very first institutional education was introduced, for landscape design in the early 1900?s. Over time, this plan was made accessible at several levels. Certain universities have their own sections dedicated to landscape design at the same time and supply important modest programs for example landscape engineering, landscape design history, fine arts, natural resources, horticultural botany and several
― answer
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Quelle Chris & Chris Keys
Exclusive: »Innocent Country: Season 2«
Actually, 2020 can erase itself – but: Quelle Chris is releasing a new record. Together with producer Chris Keys and a handful of feature guests. Exclusively from us in a limited colour vinyl edition.
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Soundtrack: »The Adventures Of Kindaichi Kosuke«
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New Album: »Broken Politics«
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Wooden Shijps
New album: »V«
Wooden Shijps have announced a new album for the 25.5.2018. It’s her first album in five years, her fifth, and it’s called »V«. It promises a promising summer.
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Respuesta Alternativa
Rediscovered: »Grata Compañia«
The Australian based reissue label Left Ear Records, which specializes in rediscoveries, will continue to pursue its business idea in 2018. For »Grata Compañia« they selected five pieces of the Spanish project Respuesta Alternativa.
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New Record Labels
Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Corvo, Early Sounds, and Kikimora Tapes.
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New Record Labela
Cultures Of Soul, Riverette, Soul Has No Tempo und Sonor Music Editions
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Cultures Of Soul, Riverette, Soul Has No Tempo and Sonor Music Editions
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New Record Labels
Be With, Blank Slate, Money $ex und No Corner
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Be With, Blank Slate, Money $ex und No Corner.
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New Record Labels
Big Crown, CinCin, Defrostatica und Repitch
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10 years of
7inch series as a special gift
10 Jahre ist es her, dass seine digitalen Pforten geöffnet hat und dies gilt es zu feiern. Ab sofort erscheint monatlich eine exklusive 7inch in Zusammenarbeit mit befreundeten Labels. Ausgabe No.1 präsentiert den Franzosen Dela.
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Rhymesayers Entertainment
Meet & Greet at the HHV Selected Store
The Rhymesayers Entertainmen artists will give you the unique chance for a meet & greet at our HHV Selected Store on Tuesday, November 15th. You can bring your own gear and let it be printed for free with exclusive artwork.
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MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday Deluxe
Again, MF Doom has packed a sweet package for his fans: Since the lunchbox of Operation Doomsday has already enhanced every single lunch break, its content is now being delivered in a new wrapping.
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Odd Seasons
Oddisee will release a real concept album titled Odd Seasons. It contains a mix of 31 Rap- and Instrumental-Tracks, a mix of warm and icy atmospheres.