Ectotherm Recordings (Record label)
Ectotherm is a Danish record label from Copenhagen, established in 2016 by the DJs Najaaraq Vestbirk (Courtesy) and Sara Svanholm (Mama Snake).
They made a name for themselves in their hometown, both as members of the DJ team Apeiron Crew, whose unconventional approach in the meantime resulted in an international success. Copenhagen, where Vestbirk now spends half of her time, and therefore is no longer an integral member of the crew, is the focus of the common project Ectotherm, which began with the EP of the regional producer Schacke. »It’s been a shared dream of ours to run a label for years", recalls Svanholm. The first impulse was a demo by the Techno producer Rune Bagge, who should contest the second catalogue number. »Najaaraq and I were hanging out after a party we held in Copenhagen and we were listening to those demos and just immediately decided to fucking do it.« Who is so dedicated to their own scene, will also be rewarded; the marketing department of the DIY project has instantly been giving a helping hand by the circle of friends. The mutual interchange also sets certain guidelines in the label’s politics. »We are only going to sign people we know and like personally«, says Vestbirk clearly. Demos are often listened to, however, the personal strand is essential. Svanholm and Vestbirk strictly seperates Apeiron Crew and their work with Ectotherm; whose inherited ancient Greek name, which into English translates as »without borders« – is also a program of Ectotherm. The first two releases are already characterised by clear dancefloor compatibility, their influences are also related to other Dance music’s subgenres, like Dub or borrowings of Noise and Industrial. »I honestly feel that these releases capture the sound of the Copenhagen Techno scene right here and now – thanks to the fact that the people behind the music are also active DJs at the really good raves being thrown in the city these days«, says Svanholm. The familiar cooperation accounts for the specialised Ectotherm vibe, whose artists have formed its sound. Strong visual accents were set by Lukas Hojlund, whose rough design supplements the messy-raw Techno of the releases, and who as a part of the collective Fast Forward Productions not only co-organises events, but also is a part of an agency, which represents Ectotherm artists. So everything interlocks with one another, as indicated by the Ouroboros logo designed by Lukas Højlund – which suggests a snake biting its own tail. In order for the fun not to fall by the wayside, there is however an acid-smiley in the centre. Vestbirk and Svanholm do not pursue their project of the heart simply because of their own individual interests as DJs; the two are already planning to create a sublabel, and to come up with some surprises.
Ectotherm Recordings in Features
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New Record Labels #25
Bliq, Dub Disco, Ectotherm, and Jazzaggression
Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Bliq, Dub Disco, Ectotherm, Jazzaggression. In other words: a house music label from London, a record label made by and made for Disco heads, a Kopenhagen based company who takes care for raw techno, and an institution for subtle Jazz music from Helsinki.
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