12 releases to look out for on Records Store Day 2022 (2nd Drop)

Record Store Day 2022 2nd Drop
On June 18, 2022, the second of two regular Record Store Days will take place this year. Once again, there are some exclusive releases to discover. We have selected twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
In My Prime
Tidal Waves • 1978 • from 42.99€

While jazz continued to turn, Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers continued to ride the hard bop in the late seventies. And how. The best proof: those »In My Prime« sessions from December 1977, which appear here collected on one album for the first time. The record offers a rush of Art Blakey's sensitive drums, James Williams' piano and the sound of the other musicians. Every note sounds and feels alive. And makes this session so timeless. 

Björn Bischoff
Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited
Dream Queen (1972)
Now-Again • 1972 • from 34.99€

Robert »Bobby« Hamilton is a jazz, rhythm and blues musician from Syracuse, New York, and founder of the band Anubis. In 1972 he released »Dream Queen,« an album of funky as well as spiritual jazz, embellished with bubbly percussion. Reduced to 1,000 copies, this musical masterpiece was transferred directly from the original master tape in an analog transfer by Bernie Grundman.

Franziska Nistler
Calvin Keys
Full Court Press (1985)
Tidal Waves • 1985 • from 38.99€

Calvin Keys is an American jazz guitarist who has performed with artists such as Ray Charles, Ahmad Jamal, John Handy, Bobby Hutcherson as well as Eddie Marshall. His 1985 album »Full Court Press«, released originally on Olive Branch Records, features an impressive array of street artists Calvin Keys has performed with over the years and is synonymous with smooth jazz with laid-back grooves. In 2022, Tidal Waves gave the album a reissue.

Franziska Nistler
You're Already Dead / Big A Little A
Crass • 1980 • from 18.99€

Crass was an anarcho-punk band from Essex, England, active between 1977 and 1984. Their 1980 single »Big A Little A« was released on their own label Crass Records and featured the track "Nagasaki Nightmare" on the flipside. The band is using this year's Record Store Day as an opportunity to reissue the song as a vinyl 12". The A-side this time is the song »You're Already Dead«, which the band felt was more contemporary for the year 2022.

Andreas Brüning
Fuzzy Haskins
Radio Active
Tidal Waves • 1976 • from 38.99€

He co-founded Parliament-Funkadelic, fathered more albums than children in his lifetime and has his own plaque in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: to say that Fuzzy Haskins has soul circulating in his bloodstream would be a gross understatement. At 80 years old, the man no longer shakes his Hawaiian shirt, but his solo material from the seventies still shuffles across dance floors. Prince, The Prodigy or Fatboy Slim know why! »Radio Active« is released as a reissue on Tidal Waves.

Christoph Benkeser
Home Boy And The C.O.L.
Home Boy And The C.O.L.
Tidal Waves • 1982 • from 25.34€

Only Cecil Johnson Lyde Holden himself knows why he called himself »Home Boy«. More and more people are finding out that the man from Chicago was grinding the worst boogie funk through the mixing desk at the beginning of the 80s. The two-million-dollar grin Holden put on the cover of »Home Boy and the C.O.L« is no disadvantage. For people who don't care about rehab after hip surgery and prefer to dig for records on Tidal Waves.

Christoph Benkeser
Baggy Trousers
Union Square • 1980 • from 28.79€

»Baggy Trousers« first appeared in 1980 on their album »Absolutely« and as a vinyl 7" on the Stiff label, and is the only Madness single never before released as a vinyl 12". This is now about to change. Along with five other songs, it will be reissued via Union Square in a limited edition of 850 copies weighing 180 grams in the iconic Humphrey Ocean artwork of the original single.

Andreas Brüning
Miles Davis - Live In Montreal - July 7, 1983
Columbia • 1983 • from 31.19€

Miles smiles, because the all-inclusive late work of the most famous jazz trumpeter of all time is slowly becoming available in its entirety on vinyl. The concert on July 7, 1983 »Live In Montreal« is one of those recordings where Heads drool like Pavlov's dog from sheer tension. Sure: Miles Davis conducts his harem - Scofield on guitar, Bill Evans behind the Rhodes, Darryl Jones on bass and Al Foster with the clappers - to grace and Grammys in those years. Columbia puts the thing on vinyl for the first time.

Christoph Benkeser
The Franklin Electric
This Time I See It
Return To Analog • 2022 • from 25.99€

The Franklin Electric are a three-piece from Canada who conjure up four-chord indie monzettes for which you can even crawl under your blanket at 35 degrees in the shadow. A sweat cure to indulge in, so to speak. Or a sundowner over Buxtehude. Their fourth album, »This Time I See It«, winks and breathes and jingles with sorrow about the past. With it, they even straddle the Schnitzelkoma on Bayern 2. On Return To Analog, the record appears on vinyl for the first time.

Christoph Benkeser
The Kinks
Waterloo Sunset
1967 • from 21.99€

It's been 55 years since »Waterloo Sunset« was released in 1967 as the English band's first »true stereo« single and the closing track of their fifth album »Something Else By The Kinks«. With five more, the song is now being reissued via Sanctuary, remastered by Tony Cousins and featuring the original French artwork, and on yellow limited edition vinyl.

Andreas Brüning
The Undertones
The Love Parade
BMG • 1982 • from 30.99€

The Undertones from Derry, Northern Ireland, released »Teenage Kicks« in 1979, BBC DJ John Peel's absolute favourite song. In 1982, they mixed their scratchy punk sounds with Motown elements and lots of pop appeal on »The Love Parade«. Now the song is now being reissued via BMG. The vinyl 12" comes in a light green 140g edition including demo material previously unreleased on vinyl.

Andreas Brüning
Viktor Vaughn (Mf Doom)
Vaudeville Villain
Get On Down • 2003 • from 38.99€

A milestone - like so many records by MF Doom. For »Vaudeville Villain«, however, Daniel Dumile took the name Viktor Vaughn and caused quite a stir with his third solo album in 2003. The playful and lush beats! The lyrics with all kinds of rhymes! Today, "Vaudeville Villain" stands in the shadow of MF Doom's great works that were yet to come. Although all that was looming here. »Salvia« and »Can I Watch?« alone belong on every tape with MF Doom's best tracks.

Björn Bischoff

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