Kireek – Turntable Diaries #4

This year the DMC World Championships turns 30. So for that reason we like to introduce you to some of the protagonists. This time we talked to Kireek.

When did you start with turntablism?
HI-C: It was about 1999.

Are you still active? Do you make a living off of it?
Yasa: I’ve been away a while doing track making.

What kept you excited all those years?
HI-C: Everytime turntablism let’s me find something new. Even now. Could be that.

What’s your most favorite routine?
Yasa: Our 2011 DMC World Champion routine. It’s a smooth, simple, and well-balanced routine.

When developing a new routine, where do you start?
HI-C: Sometimes making solo routine first, then make it up. Sometimes bringing samples to each other. It totally depends on the feeling. We might be searching for the way to make originality, forever.

What’s your basic philosophy on turntablism?
HI-C: It’s called “The Law of BPM and RPM”. Top secret.

How do you prepare for battles? And how do you feel during a battle?
Yasa: First, dig a lot of samples, phrases, and sound effects for making an outline of the routine. The most important thing of DJ battle is victory. Although I’m being not only serious, but also having fun. Half and half.

»Just enjoy the situation! That kind of positive attitude got us to the top«

Do you remember your first DJ battle?
HI-C: My first experience of a DJ battle was at the Kansai round of DMC 2K. I was super busy with cueing the whole time, because I didn’t have any idea about marking technique, yet.

What’s the main challenge in a team battle compared to a solo battle?
Yasa: It depends on the routine. Not exactly decided. But no one expects some solo style routines for a team. So we gotta concentrate to create the unique technics which are settled by more than one person. We gotta throw all of the stereotyped image away, before we start it.

What made you DMC World Team Champion five times in a row?
HI-C: Just enjoy the situation! That kind of positive attitude got us to the top.

How has turntablism evolved over the years?
Yasa: Digitalization makes those processes simpler and easier. During the analogue era, we were trying harder to find something from many points of view. Because it was more complicated than digital. But it was also absolutely fun.

Digital or vinyl? What’s your weapon of choice and why?
HI-C: Both! Controlling digital data by analogue record is already a fusion of their strong points, isn’t it? “Balance” rules everything around us. Sometimes use iPhone for memo, sometimes use pen. Do you know what I mean?

Your top 3 turntablism records?
Yasa: DJ Sonik – Scratch Attack!; Various – Turntables By The Bay; DJ QBert – Wave Twisters