Patricia Kokett – Part of his own Movement

Foto: © Knekelhuis
Patricia Kokett blends rave with mysticism, futuristic industrial with shamanistic noise, the spirit of Coil with imaginary records from Kompakt Records. The music of the Lithuanian producer Gediminas Jakubka, who turns into Patricia on stage, balances between borders. An attempt at orientation.

Patricia Kokett poses with a snake around her neck, throws parties in the most underground shed of Vilnius and drags African statues with huge genitals to his live performances. You quickly realize: Gediminas Jakubka does not do justice to common conventions. With Patricia Kokett, the Lithuanian-born producer has created an alter ego that allows him to move into the occult niches — and still pushes the party with propulsive beats to stratospheric heights. After »Diabel«, an EP he published on Knekelhuis in 2018 under his Kokett moniker, the Lithuanian producer delves further into the symbolic worlds of rituals with debut solo album »Bizarr«. A record strongly stimulated by Nine Emperor Gods.

»The primary inspiration came quite long before the actual travel to Phuket«, says Jakubka. »When I first heard ›From Grows Rampant‹ by The Threshold HouseBoys Choir (the pseudonym of coil member Peter Christopherson, Anm.), I was drawn to the ritual aspects of Thai culture.« Jakubka gets to know »Nine Emperor Gods Festival«, which is taking place annually in parts of Southeast Asia. Fascinated by photos of participants who pierce their cheeks, walk over fire or climb blade-ladders, he devotes himself to the exploration of the ritual, looks at recordings and reads even more about it. These influences can already be heard on »Diabel«, the EP he released in 2018 as Patricia Kokett on Knekelhuis — a supreme record with floating downbeats and mantra-like repetitions wrapped in a state of otherworldly trance. »I knew that I found a strong concept. The next step was to travel to Phuket and experience it by myself«. He sets off on his own in order to cope with the feelings alone. »I knew that I’ll be shaken up in a way that was beyond my expectations«. Hence, the mood, the feelings, the emotions that hit Jakubka during the festival form the context for the concept of »Bizarr«. »They were the perfect emotional background for this record. A path full of smashing emotions, almost to the destructive level.«

»There is a sexually seductive element in my music that comes across subliminally«

Patricia Kokett

Jakubkas interest in rituals goes back to his childhood years. »I grew up with my parents’ record collection. A decent part of it were Lithuanian fairy tales that they bought for me.« These tales illuminated the cruel, antagonistic dimensions between good and evil — with mythical characters and sacrificial rituals that were terrifying and amusing at the same time. »Looking back, I see the connection with Chinese mythology. The punishing, destructive brutality of the creatures, the tense and anxious plot. It really stucked to my mind, I’d say even expanded my imagination«, says Jakubka, who performs as Patricia Kokett for a reason. »I launched her name many years ago when I still was a goth, sometimes wearing dresses or stockings on my hands. I used to make music under this alias — mainly Synth-pop and New Wave.« Progressively, a musical map had been revealed by her inspiration found in different genres. Patricia was involved in band projects such as Flesh Flash and Cutthroats. With Flesh Flash, she played guitar, examined esoteric tendencies and introduced an electronica rock-mishmash genre. »Cutthroats was a completely different approach. We called ourselves post-industrialists. Distorted guitars, hard music. But deeply melancholic.«

Further musical development pervades the fictional life of Patricia Kokett. »She learned other musical languages«, Jakubka says. That’s why he sees strong connections in Kokett and her musical past. »For me, Patricia is a name with different perspectives. It is a kind of spirit that is engraved in my nature and I do not know how it will react in some occasions.« The craziest things can happen live — but also during photo shoots when Kokett uses subtle elements to bust gender limits. »It is demanding and entertaining at the same time. Everything happens naturally, without cheating or desire to gain more attention«. The name actually says it all. Jakubka flirts with Patricia and Patrica flirts with her audience. »There is a sexually seductive element in my music that comes across subliminally«, says Jakubka. For him, performing on stage as Patricia feels like an erotic act. »Even so, I didn’t refer to the semantics when choosing the name.« Patricia Kokett just sounds stable, and gives some guessing what it is. »I live from my own perspective, use lipstick when I feel it’s needed. But I am not part of a movement — except my own, in which I live my vision towards self-realization.«