Black Children Sledge Funk Group – Reissue: »Love Is Not Fair«

Foto: © Cinedelic
The Afrofunk of the Nigerian Black Children Sledge Funk Group is being reissued. »Love Is Not Fair« from 1976 will be out in April. A special colour edition will be available exclusively from HHV Records.

Lagos, 1976: In the middle of the Nigerian metropolis, six gentlemen open a barrel of good vibes. They call themselves the Black Children Sledge Funk Group. As this is a terribly long name and no one can remember it, but the band brings out the smoothest funk beyond all capes and good hopes, they at least agree on a snappy album title: »Love Is Fair«. That makes sense for all those who have never been abandoned by their sweetheart – but for the bitter rest it testifies more to the pervasiveness of Christian faith than to monogamous relationship aspirations in the spirit of youth magazines like Bravo. Anyway, Black Children Sledge Funk Groupwere to release two more records after 1976, and by the end of the seventies there was finally sand in the ganja gears. The band broke up. Time heals all wounds. Or like this. Half a century later, the reissue label Afrodelic reprints the record. HHV Records has 100 copies exclusively in psychedelic-purple. Late love can be pretty fair after all!

1 Satisfaction
A2 Feelings I’ve Got
A3 Mr. Who
A4 Love Is Fair
B1 Funky Child
B2 Hard Life
B3 Another Girl
B4 Sledge Afro Funk

»Love Is Fair« von Black Children Sledge Funk Group erscheint am 19.4.2022 bei Afrodelic.