Danny Brown uses tune by Sven Wunder on his soon to be released album »Quaranta«


This week, the new album by Detroit rapper Danny Brown was announced. »Quaranta« will be released digitally on November 17, 2023, with vinyl releases to follow. It is his first solo album since »uknowhatimsayin¿«, which was out in 2019, also on Warp Records. Last year, he followed it up with »Scaring the Hoes«, a collaboration with his buddy JPEGMAFIA. The first single from »Quaranta« is the song »Tantor«. (See video below) The album features guest appearances by MIKE, Bruiser Wolf and Kassa Overall, and SKYWLKR, The Alchemist, Quelle Chris and Paul White are named as producers.

With a little help from Sven Wunder

One of the producers who has been swept under the table in most of the announcements about »Quaranta« is the Swedish composer Sven Wunder. The song »Hanami« is a version of the piece of the same name, which you can find on the Stockholm-based musician’s album »Wabi Sabi« (2020). How did this, at first sight surprising, collaboration come about? »Warp reached out to me to see if I would be interested in contributing some music to the new Danny Brown album,« Sven Wunder told us. »I’m a fan of both Warp and Danny’s music so I jumped on this project right away«

They were looking for music with a more organic sound, »so I’ve sent them a handful of tracks from my catalogue, including this version of ›Hanami‹, which Danny Brown quickly sent in return with vocals«. It can be as simple as that.