Durand Jones announces solo debut »Wait Til Get Over«


No one has been able to avoid Durand Jones & the Indications in recent years. This is due to their version of soul and R&B, which is both modern and clearly in the tradition of their idols. A retro sound for the future of the genre. After three albums, the solo debut of band leader Durand Jones, »Wait Til I Get Over«, will be released on May 5, 2023.

The difference to the collaboration with The Indications? The songs live even more from the sound of his homeland, the rural south of the USA. Blues, gospel, folk and rock, for example, flow into the harmonies of the first single »Lord Have Mercy«, which is broken up by a heavy electric guitar at the end. A groove »that feels like driving through a muddy swamp«, as Durand Jones told in advance.

Grooves like swamps

Thematically, the record moves between a declaration of love and a retrospective on his own life, on his relationship to the church in relation to his queerness and generally on the area in which Durand Jones grew up. Or as he says himself: an album that his younger self would be proud of.

Throughout Europe the Colored Vinyl in the Artist Edition of »Wait Til I Get Over« is available exclusively only at HHV Records.

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