El Michels Affair and Black Thought together in a »Glorious Game«

»Glorious Game«! Black Thought is releasing a record with El Michels Affair on Big Crown Records. The record will be out April 14, 2023, among other formats as an ice-cat-blue vinyl edition exclusively on yours truly HHV Records.

Delicate tongue twisters call the rapper from The Roots the »best MC ever«, others push their film to the »Cinematic Soul« of Leon Michel’s Funkhopjazz. Both can relate to each other for years. That Questlove’s buddy and the Michels’ harem are recording a joint album is therefore as surprising as the halftime show at the Super Bowl. The only question is: Why did we have to wait so long for both of them to come up with the idea of exchanging their Dropbox folders?

Loops that breathe

»Glorious Game« was created during Corona. While everyone was watching Netflix, Black Thought wanted new beats. Leon Michels rolled off the couch, unpacked the sampler – and began sampling himself. “The result is organic-looking tracks based on loops that breathe and change enough for Black Thought to move on them,” reads the description for “Glorious Game”. What does that mean? No idea! That’s why we’re bridging the time until the release with “Grateful”, the first drop of the album.

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