Finally! Hiroshi Yoshimura’s last great ambient album gets reissued


Once again a very big reissue announcement. There were comparatively few this year. Shortly before the end of the year on December 1, 2023 on Temporal Drift with »Soundscape 1: Surroun« a much sought-after work will be re-released for the very first time. Exclusively at HHV there will be a Blue Swirl Vinyl Edition limited to 300 copies.

Yoshimura airing out

Hiroshi Yoshimura is one of the ambient grandmasters, his albums »Music For Nine Post Cards« and »Green« belong to the canon and have been reissued in the past years. Now finally also »Surround«. The album was made at the same time as »Green«, in 1986, and was commissioned by a house builder. He wanted to upgrade the vibes in the new living quarters – and will have expressed himself differently at that time. In the original notes for »Surround,” Yoshimura recommends adding “the noise of the city outside the window” when listening and “surround.” With this album, however, you can safely leave the windows in. It makes the air better.