Henryk Debich – Exclusive Edition: »Monika / Zabawa«

»Monika / Zabawa«, by the must-discover Polish composer Henryk Debich, will be released on July 23 in a second limited edition available exclusively on HHV Records.

Recorded with a cast of 40 to 70 musicians, the recordings of the Polish Radio And Television Orchestra from the late 1970s, made under the direction of [Henryk Debich](https://www.hhv-mag.com/en/glossaryentry/6666/henryk-debich,) are still hardly known to anyone today. Yet Henryk Debich had been active in virtually all areas of media life in Poland since the early 1950s – as musical director and conductor for film, television, radio and advertising, but also as a member of the opera, philharmonic and musical theater staff in the cultural city of Łódź.

Together with the orchestra he founded, he played up and down Poland for almost half a century, during which time he established a huge repertoire of unconventional eclecticism that had long been gathering dust in archives – from disco, soul and funk, to easy listening and big band opulence, to jazz, fusion and soundtrack-affine classical. Now, in addition to GAD Records, Astigmatic is releasing the busy watch collector’s material in multiple formats (some on vinyl for the first time), adding valuable facets to the look at post-war Polish pioneers.

Even before a full LP will be released, the vinyl 7-inch »Monika / Zabawa W Ciemnosci« is the first funky foretaste of upcoming releases. The second run will be released in a limited Yellow Vinyl Edition and will be available exclusively on HHV Records.


  • 01 Monika
  • 02 Zabawa w Ciemności

Die Yellow Vinyl Edition von »Monika / Zabawa W Ciemności« von Henryk Debich erscheint am 23.7.2021 bei Astigmatic und ist exklusiv bei HHV Records erhältlich..