Rockin’ hippies: Sababa 5 come to Germany for live shows


Sababa 5 will showcase their latest album at Hamburg’s Knust on February 25, 2024 and at Berlin’s Gretchen on February 27, 2024. »Aspan« was released last year via Batov Records. It mixes Israeli-Arabic musical tradition with groove-invoking Woodstock vibes. The source of inspiration is the so-called lehakot ketzev, beat groups from Israel in the 1970s, who already exemplified the multicultural mix 50 years ago.

Grooves, Love & Unity

The band was founded in Tel Aviv in 2016 and has been dedicated to combining the musical traditions of their homeland with US hippie culture from the very beginning. Sababa 5 now consists of four musicians who are also part of bands such as the Kutiman Orchestra, Hoodna Orchestra and Tigris.They play instrumental music, but also invite guests for some tracks – most recently the Japanese singer Yurika or activist and musician Barak Cohen.

Sababa 5 in Concert
25Feb 2024
Hamburg • Knust
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27Feb 2024
Berlin • Gretchen
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