»All« brings together the best of Eat Them to date


»Geht es dir gut?« (Are you okay?), Eat Them asked a few years ago and we say: Yes, now we’re finally okay! With »All«, the first rock’n’ruhrpottlerisch best-of album by the Bochum band – a band that actually only consists of one Hochmann in his twenties – is being released on Fun In The Church. So it can’t be down to rattling discourse pop journalism that Eat Them have become a »really uncool band«, as »Tocotronic discoverer« Myriam Brüger put it.

Guess who’s strumming?

The title for the record that will be released on 28 June 2024 hints at what »All« is: a roundhouse kick through all the years of Eat Them. There’s already something scraping together. 12 best songs, in fact. The Düsseldorfer Düsterboys send their regards. The packed rehearsal room too. Some people sometimes call it lo-fi. Norman Nitzsche of Mina fame has remastered the music, which is why it’s now »hi-fi lo-fi«, but anyways. It can, should and must be understood favourably. Or, like the first single from »All«, ask sadly: »Do You Love Me When I’m Dead?«

The record will be released with an Art-zine designed by Johannes Hochmann on black vinyl, and also in a red vinyl edition limited to 100 copies, which will be available exclusively from HHV Records.