Mykki Blanco comes on tour with a new album


Art rapper Mykki Blanco comes shortly after the release of her new record »Stay Close to Music« on October 14, 2022 via Transgressive for a few dates on tour to Germany. And anyone who has ever been to a Mykki Blanco concert will immediately feel the energy of yesteryear again in response to this announcement. Because soulful moments in the sound of the 1986-born US artist are usually followed on record as on stage by a marching breakout. All genres can serve as the basis for these experiments. Trap, trip-hop, rave and punk come into the machine, always underpinned by a decent bass, to deliver in the end one of the most exciting hip-hop designs of the present.

Pure Energy

And for all the artistry of this sound, Mykki Blanco still knows how to create charming pop moments. Mykki Blanco developed this approach further so that she comes up with these moments much faster. Her double identity, society and all the other rest of the post-gender rapper’s life continue to be the defining themes: »Patriarchy ain’t the end of me, y’all motherfuckers better bend to me.« Those who feel compelled can practice the bow until the fall. Mykki Blanco would certainly deserve it.

Mykki Blanco live
29Oct 2022
Kampnagel • Hamburg
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02Nov 2022
Gretchen • Berlin
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07Nov 2022
Karlstorbahnhof • Heidelberg
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12Nov 2022
Mousonturm • Frankfurt am Main
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14Nov 2022
CBE • Köln
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