Ofege – Exclusive Edition: »How Do You Feel«

With »How Do You Feel« Tidal Waves releases the last of four albums by the Nigerian band Ofege on February 14. The record will exclusively from us available in a Brown Vinyl Edition.

Although the summer will still remain for a few more months, the first suitable companion albums are already foreseeable. »How Do You Feel« is certainly one of them and shows with smoothest abdance arrangements how much good music was actually make during the seventies in Nigeria, besides Fela Kuti Hardly reached the age of 16, the members of Ofege founded one of the most important bands of early Nigerian rock back in the summer of 1973, which always knew how to balance fuzz and funk. In half a decade, from 1973 to 1978, they released four albums, sometimes as a quintet, sometimes with two less or three more members on stage and on record. »How Do You Feel« was their last and probably best album in every respect, which also featured impressive guest appearances by Kofi Ayivor (Kongas), Robert Bailey (keyboard) and Jake Sollo (guitar).

Psychedelically whitewashed in fitting tones, the Ofege sound here dances back and forth between Afro-funk and rock in over half an hour. Without any dropouts, there is totally lustful guitar work, call-and-responses, iridescent keys and an uncompromisingly rousing rhythm section on the ears, which actually finds the right song for every situation of a hot July day at the lake. We have this gem on black and white vinyl, but also as an exclusive brown version in our assortment.


  • A1 World Peace
  • A2 Burning Jungle
  • A3 Check It Out
  • A4 Bomp Your Booty
  • A5 Take Your Mind Away
  • B1 How Do You Feel
  • B2 Ideal Situation
  • B3 Naira Power
  • B4 Nature Queen
  • B5 Frustration

»How Do You Feel« by Ofege will be release February 8th on Tidal Waves.