»Oshin« by DIIV lands a special edition for its tenth anniversary


Brush off your Vans, tousle your hair – the deluxe version of »Oshin« by the Americans DIIV crashes into the indie and guitar garden for its tenth anniversary. The somewhere-in-between-shoegaze-dream-pop-and-Nirvana band around Zachary Cole Smith (formerly Beach Fossils) released their debut »Oshin« in 2012. They landed on all the important annual best of lists from Pitchfork to NME to your local rag, went on tour with The Vacccines and later accompanied the Japandroids. In the meantime, two more albums have been released. Time to blow out the candles and reissue the old stuff.

Demos, live recordings, poster

The »10th Anniversary« edition comes in the form of a regular Blue Marble Vinyl Edition limited to 5,000 copies. A Clear Vinyl Edition limited to 300 copies will be available exclusively from HHV Records. If you don’t staple the thing to the wall unopened, you’ll also discover the following on both versions: the first demos for »Oshin«, unreleased live recordings and a booklet, in which you will not only find snapshots from the last years, but each band member was also allowed to immortalise themselves literary. If you make an immediate purchase, you get a »Fuck The World« poster on top.

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Oshin 10th Anniversary HHV Exclusive Clear Vinyl Edition
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