A long-standing active maestro: DJ Muggs comes to Berlin


Jump around! DJ Muggs plays in Berlin. On March 19, 2024, the founding member of Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins drags a record case full of nineties nostalgia to SO36. The only thing shinier than DJ Muggs’ music is the chain dangling under his head, because: Muggs, who rose to fame as a DJ and producer during the 1990s, left his mark on hip-hop. And actually never stopped.

Remaining relevant

DJ Muggs has produced for Cypress Hill, House of Pain and his Grammy-nominated Soul Assassins. He has also worked with half the West Coast, but has also switched sides for GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. Most recently, Muggs composed for horror cinema with Dean Hurley and released albums with Mayhem Lauren and Rome Streetz. He has released over 40 albums in the past few years alone – including the continuation of his Soul Assassins series in 2023.

Mexican DJ Bial Hclap, founder of Handiclap Records and one of the most important producers in Guadalajara, will be doing the warm-up at SO36.

DJ Muggs In Concert
19Mar 2024
Berlin • SO36
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