Vinyl of Fly Anakin’s debut set scheduled for September

Fly Anakin

In mid-March 2022, Fly Anakin released his debut studio album »Frank« on Lex Records in digital form, cementing his place in the hip hop underground scene. Now an initial preview of the vinyl release is available. It is scheduled for September 30, 2022, and then a Canary Yellow Vinyl Edition limited to 300 copies will be released. 

Inspired by Soul and R&B

As the follow-up to the split releases with Pink Siffu, »FlySiifu« and »$mokebreak EP«, which were recorded at around the same time, »Frank« is influenced by the classic R&B and soul songs his father played him as a child. To the beats of Madlib, Evidence, Jay Versace, Ohbliv, Foisey and DJ Harrison, Fly Anakin showcases his breathless raps, and this time also proves his talent for song writing. 

The 17-song album is a true long player and features links to other heroes from his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, such as his mentor Nickelus F and mutant academicians Big Kahuna OG and Henny L.O.

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