Bélver Yin

Para Mi Madre

Efficient Space • 2023

With Bélver Yin you slow-dive straight into 90s shoegaze heaven on »Para Mi Madre«, on which Pedro L. Ortega says goodbye to his mother. On »Para Mi Madre«, nostalgia is written on the walls of the guitar and, by extension, into the effects machines. After Bélver Yin’s 1991 album »Luz Bell« finally and deservedly appeared on the dream-pop horizon with its re-release in 2020, Ortega was motivated to fulfil a promise he had made to his dying mother. He would dream his way from »Candela’s Song« to »The Farewell«, from one star to the next, and say goodbye without saying a single word.  

At the same time, Ortega’s sensitive minimalism creates a tension that thrives on understatement. Even if you listened to »Para Mi Madre« on loop and didn’t know where it started and ended, you’d never get bored. This makes Pedro L. Ortega the forgotten Mediterranean counterpart to the Cocteau Twins, and with the release of his album, he is well on his way to riding the shoegaze wave that is once again sweeping the coasts. Once you’ve settled into the new Slow Dive record, you might as well add the almost thirty minutes of Bélver Yin to keep you floating a little further.