Cvartetul De Jazz Paul Weiner


Mad About • 2023

Fatoni said anything better than Stalingrad and sampled his record. Nujabes put it on the turntable. And Chance the Rapper chopped it up with Lil B for their first mix tape. »Spirale« by Cvartetul De Jazz Paul Weiner is always something to be pulled out of the record case when piano-flute-feel-good vibes are supposed to trip over boom bap. Also, in the right circles, it’s easier to show off than Gucci or Gangbang. Because the album is no longer available. And therefore bloody expensive. 250 bucks are currently being paid to Romania via Discogs. This is where the record was first recorded. By Paul Weiner in Timisoara in 1976. Weiner, who later emigrated to Germany, perched himself behind the piano for this. On top of that, he organised bass, horns and drum beats. The result: a communist milestone out of the cool! Even those who gnash their teeth at jazz will want to check it out, simply because of the cover. Since Mad About Records phoned Paul Werner and asked him for his permission, the first re-release is coming on vinyl, almost half a century after the first discs rolled out of Soviet pressing plants. Luckily you won’t have to dig so deep into your purse for this one.