Faada Freddy

Golden Cages

Think Zik! • 2023

Faada Freddy is a good guy. He snips and snaps you right back to summer fairytales where there’s something going d-o-o-o-o-wn! Even though the Senegalese rapper and his gospel band have nothing to do with gröni or the joy of a good game of football. Faada Freddy just creates a great atmosphere. You can clap and sing along and maybe even wave a few flags. It’s not that difficult once you’ve broken out of your own »Golden Cages«. The best way to do so is not to think too much, switch off your mind and go into neutral. You don’t always have to stand in the way of yourself. Just think zik! That’s what Freddy did on the morning magazine TV show. And it works beautifully when you let the beatboxers in the background do their thing. Biff, bap, bop – climb aboard with Faada Freddy if you don’t like reggae and find no fun in soul. Hurtling down the jungle rollercoaster with Pharell’s happy vibes has never been so much fun. Except perhaps with Jan Delay from the Allman Brothers Band, who shook the groove out of his big band Birkenstocks in a similar way. But that was forever ago. The now is Faada. And those who don’t live now will never experience anything.