Fabiano Do Nascimento

Das Nuvens

Leaving • 2023

One thing that guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimento knows how to do well is reduction. He always uses his skills in a spirit of controlled restraint, better not too many notes but enough pauses, and here too he is careful not to overdo it. Whether in a duet featuring percussion (»Preludio«) or accompanied by an orchestra (»Lendas«), he creates spaces that are easy to navigate while listening, which are gentle but never cosy. He continues this approach in a slightly different way on »Das Nuvens«, which is his second album this year. He recorded the album with his long-time collaborator Daniel Santiago, also a guitarist. The electronic sounds of drum machines and synthesised basses with which he surrounds himself this time are striking, although they are not too dominant. However, they do change the character of the affair nevertheless. Recent fusion jazz serves as a point of reference. In some places, you could almost imagine a heavily muted version of the handmade dance floor music of groups like GoGo Penguin. Fabiano Do Nascimento subtly hints at it and even leaves out the beat altogether on some pieces. However, it might not escape you that the strict approach taken by the music is softened by some of the production’s idiosyncrasies, such as the reverb-like effects on the guitar and piano. Which is a bit of a shame.