Fabiano Do Nascimento

Mundo Solo

Far Out • 2023

When it comes to musicians who release a lot, there is sometimes the prejudice that their productivity comes at the expense of quality. Guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimento released three albums alone in 2023: the wonderful »Lendas«, where he is accompanied by an orchestra, »Das Nuvens« with its surprising amount of electronics and finally this solo work. While the other two albums concentrate primarily on one particular sound, »Mundo Solo« features a variety of guitars. This time, the instruments had six, seven and even ten strings, including a baritone guitar. Electronics reappear, but there are also acoustic guitar numbers where he is accompanied by drums or percussion. If you’re worried about this becoming arbitrary, don’t be. Fabiano Do Nascimento always seems to know exactly what he is doing and has such a characteristically restrained way of keeping the whole thing coherent, regardless of the changing soundscape. His music is as unobtrusive as easy listening, but without the danger of becoming shallow. The difference between »light« and »lightweight« is easily understood. Incidentally, »Meianoite« is a beautiful cover version— with Do Nascimento in dialogue with himself— of the original by Thelonious Monk, which has a slightly different name. And the next album, recorded together with saxophonist Sam Gendel, is already in the starting blocks.