Faizal Mostrixx


Glitterbeat • 2023

Uganda is where the music of the future is in the making. At the heart of the action is the Nyege Nyege Collective in Kampala, which not only acts as a label but also organises one of the most exciting festivals in Africa and beyond, building bridges between continents. Faizal Mostrixx, who describes himself as a dancer, choreographer, musician, social worker and self-confessed Afrofuturist also comes from this circle. 

Following on from his EPs »Ghosts« and »Transitions«, Faizal Mostrixx has now released his début album »Mutations« on Glitterbeat, on which he further condenses what his previous releases already hinted at. Using advanced electronic music techniques that can no longer be described as Western, Faizal Mostrixx creates music that is both futuristic and emphatically based on African material sources. Field recordings from Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo and Tanzania are juxtaposed with elements of Amapiano. Guest vocals by Morena Leraba from Lesotho and Giovanni Kiyingi from Uganda add to the spectrum of this album, which never feels arbitrary or lost in its wealth of references. Rather, the disparate threads weave together into a dazzling whole that is clearly more accessible than many of the exciting creations coming out of orbit of the Nyege Nyege. 

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