Gaussian Curve

Winter Sun / Fever Dream

Music From Memory • 2024

A sunny winter’s day has never seemed more refreshing, invigorating, even healing than this Gaussian Curve single. It’s the first sign of life that the ambient supergroup—made up of Amsterdam DJ, compiler and producer Marco Sterk aka Young Marco, Scot Jonny Nash, who set up his Melody As Truth label in the Dutch capital an age ago, and Venetian Gigi Masin, who has been working in the scene since the 1980s—has shown to the world since their album »The Distance«. Having found a home on Music From Memory back in 2016, Gaussian Curve are also well underway in Amsterdam with this 2-track LP on which they offer comfort and hope. After the untimely and shocking death of label co-founder Jamie Tiller, the A-side »Winter Sun« actually sounds like a farewell, its gentle guitar melodies, Rhodes and drum machine flickering over to us from another, better time. It’s the kind of sound that Tiller and his friend Tako Reyenga have been promoting since the label’s inception. The B-side »Fever Dream«, a little less elegiac, but with clear 1980s references, is somewhere between city and mutant pop, with well-tempered jazz influences and a plucked 303—also great art from three who know how to make it.