Gerhard Heinz

The Joy Of Flying OST

Private • 2023

Not everything was better in the past – but the soundtracks to sex films certainly were. A bold assertion for films that rely primarily on hot women. But hey: Gerhard Heinz proves it. The Austrian composer, who in the meantime had been working as a conductor at Vienna’s Moulin Rouge, is responsible for dozens of scores for genre classics such as »Shameless«, »Greek Figs«, »A Cactus is not a Lollipop« and »Keep Drilling, Buddy«. Slowly but surely, their work is making its way back onto vinyl, thanks to labels like Private. Their latest soundtrack release: »The Joy of Flying«. Stefan Rechmeier’s »Das große Lexikon des deutschen Erotikfilms« (The comprehensive encyclopaedia of German erotic film) tells us what it’s about: »The blonde Sylvia is criminally neglected by her husband Kurt and loses herself in the most slippery of daydreams«. And, yes, Gerhard Heinz dreams in, between, under and over her. With apparent ease and without any unnecessary contortions, just as the plot demands. The sound works wonderfully, even without C-actors. The raunchiness on offer is neither clumsy nor bland, and is consistently lively rather than wishy-washy. Besides disco, there is bossa, sirtaki and tango, as well as dances with Dschingis Khan and Curtis Mayfield, and in between the »Ode to Joy« reminds us of the inimitable »Joy of Flying«. Yes, the record is a good example of why Heinz was the go-to guy for genre film producers back in the day. Or still is? The good man is 96!