Glenn Astro & Hulk Hodn


Kommerz • 2022

To infinity and beyond:  on their album »Ghosts« Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn go even further. Whereas they were still infusing down-to-earth beats with funk on their first record »Turquoise Tortoise« in 2018 , »Ghosts« is floating through the expanse on a cloud of synthesisers and house. The track »Ghost« sends a guitar and turntablism into this hyperspace; »Inside« ultimately carries the Danish soul singer AGGi into endless silence.  With »Ghosts«, the two producers have created a record that easily keeps up with international sounds.  Even tracks like »RX5« are never too playful, and not too amusing.  In general, the love of detail prevails in all the goings-on. »Snap Out« sends a metallic beat over the airwaves, but not without the warmth of a hidden melody from a synthesiser at the end.  Everything is in the right frame and framed precisely.  This may end up on one or the other sampler with lo-fi beats for greater concentration, but there is far more to these twelve tracks.  This sound deserves more in life than being in the background. Simply because Cologne’s Hulk Hodn and and Berlin’s Glenn Astro know exactly what the soul needs these days. »Ghosts« dispels your thoughts while you listen to it. One of the most exciting far-out journeys currently possible in sound.