Group Du Jour

Motion Of Waves

Emotional Rescue • 1987

Group Du Jour was formed in 1983 in Portland, Oregon by musicians Daniel Crommie and Bo and Paul Parker. On their first two albums, »Forgotten Colors« and »Wonderful Vision«, the band combined psychedelic rock, free jazz, Balearic and folk music with the unmistakable new wave synth sounds of the eighties, before turning to more electronic music over the years. On their 1987 EP »Motion Of Waves«, the band took a more electronic approach, bringing in drum computers, an electric guitar and atmospheric-sounding synthesizers into their – as the musicians themselves like to say – »techno-ethnic« music, rounded off with haunting and oriental-influenced vocals. Originally featured on »Wonderful Vision« and two years later on the album »Hinterland«, the original mix on »Motion of Waves« is now released for the first time as a vinyl 12″ together with the cassette mix and »We Travel Dark Waters« as an extra on the label Emotional Rescue. A gossamer flute opens the EP, then gives way to an electrifying beat that runs through all three tracks. A quiet, but no less invigorating EP that convinces with virtuosity and transports you to distant worlds. A Balearic ambient dream through and through.