Helen Island

Last Laisse

Knekelhuis • 2024

If there is one thing that the post-modern era has brought forth, it is the willingness of musicians to shamelessly and boundlessly throw all sorts of influences into the same pot and distil their multi-stylistic tracks from it. Or, like Helen Island, to isolate and juxtapose the most diverse musical styles. Helen Island is one of the myriad projects from Frenchman Léopold Collin, who is part of the Simple Music Experience collective and has released music under the names DJ Prince Scream, DJ Morgue and Violent Quand On Aime. »Last Liasse« brings together a dozen tracks that will be released on singles and EPs on Collin’s own label, Triggermoral Records, in 2022 and 2023. 
The twelve tracks on the album could, in their variety, be credited to at least six different bands. You can find abstract ambient pop, 1980s synth pop with a strong mainstream appeal, tracks that oscillate between dream and nightmare pop, distant echoes of techno and trap, and hyperdub—the music, not the label. The element that gives all these different styles a homogeneity that makes the compilation a »real« album is the haunting, dreamy haze that lies over the tracks.