Julian Lage

Speak To Me

Blue Note • 2024

Julian Lage is what they call a child prodigy, it’s just that we don’t know it. But the fact that the American sounds like he learned his first jazz chords in the womb is something you really should know, especially when you listen to his fourth album for the venerable Blue Note label. However, since his childhood, Lage has done many things, including raging and rejoicing. But recently he turned to his guitar and whispered, »Speak To Me«. And his guitar opened up the songbook and played the blues. Julian Lage didn’t have to do much. The magic happened. Just like that. No wonder people call him a child prodigy. Anyone who listens to the man from beautiful Santa Rosa, California, and preferably through very expensive headphones, will agree. The rest of us get to turn up the speakers on our laptops, but we still get sophisticated campfire sadness on the fringes of modern cowboy existence. That the strings don’t dangle under a melancholic gallows drama helps us to feel like there’s only his guitar and the occasional cowboy between us and the campfire. But just pick up the pretty cover to this beautiful record if you want to take a closer look.